ContextVision to debut image enhancement packages at RSNA

By staff writers
November 25, 2013

Image enhancement developer ContextVision said it will debut four real-time ultrasound image enhancement packages at RSNA 2013.

The four packages -- for women's health, general imaging, cardiovascular, and point of care -- are part of the US PlusView family of products.

The women's health package offers homogenization of soft tissue as well as greater contrast and edge enhancement, enabling imaging professionals to more easily detect soft-tissue lesions during breast exams. In fetal imaging, the package offers clear lines and enhanced edge conspicuity for greater diagnostic confidence, ContextVision said.

The general imaging package includes increased line connectivity and homogeneity for easier lesion detection and visualization of renal pyramids, the company said. Efficient grayscale contrast, edge enhancement, and fluid delineation also facilitate diagnosis and accurate structural assessments.

The cardiovascular package includes higher grayscale contrast and improved edge enhancement for delineation of heart valves and accurate measurement. The package also includes speckle and noise reduction, improving visualization of calcifications and atherosclerosis in blood vessels.

Finally, the point-of-care package offers improved line connectivity and grayscale contrast to enhance viewing on portable systems for musculoskeletal imaging, nerve block procedures, and needle-guided exams.

US PlusView products are adaptable to all ultrasound hardware platforms, from low-end CPU systems to DSP platforms and high-end GPU-based ultrasound systems, ContextVision said.

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