ECR 2019 News
Beware the perils of revealing data on social media
March 1, 2019 -- Sharing patient data on Facebook and WhatsApp involves a breach of European data protection regulations and can have serious consequences, according to Dr. Erik Ranschaert, PhD, president of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics. At today's Special Focus session at ECR 2019, his goal was to raise awareness of the issue, and he shared some secure alternatives.  Discuss
Radiology in Italy takes center stage at ECR 2019
March 1, 2019 -- The future status and development of the radiological profession came under the microscope today during the eagerly anticipated ESR meets Italy session. The major challenges ahead, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, were addressed by expert speakers.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2019: Mathias Prokop on lung cancer screening
February 28, 2019 -- VIENNA - What are the essential aspects to consider when starting a lung cancer screening program using low-dose CT? And why are quality assurance and standardization such important areas? Dr. Mathias Prokop, PhD, from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, provides some answers and also gives some general advice to aspiring researchers.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2019: Nicola Strickland on Brexit & radiology
February 28, 2019 -- VIENNA - The planned withdrawal of the U.K. from the European Union is due to take place on 29 March, and it is having a major impact on the recruitment and retention of staff and the supply of medical isotopes. Dr. Nicola Strickland, the president of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), elaborates on what RCR is doing to alleviate the situation.  Discuss
Caution urged for breast MRI evaluation of lymph nodes
February 28, 2019 -- VIENNA - How well can MRI diagnose axillary lymph node metastases in patients with breast cancer? Radiologists need to interpret those results with caution in patients who received neoadjuvant chemotherapy, according to a study presented on Thursday at ECR 2019.  Discuss
AI-based CAD software improves breast cancer detection
February 28, 2019 -- VIENNA - Computer-aided detection (CAD) software based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help radiologists of all levels of experience detect more breast cancers and improve accuracy, according to research presented on Thursday at ECR 2019.  Discuss
Dose monitoring optimizes whole-body CT in Italy
February 28, 2019 -- By monitoring CT dose and adjusting protocols at their institution, researchers from Italy were able to identify the optimal parameters for reducing cancer patients' exposure to radiation from whole-body CT exams, without lowering image quality. They presented their findings on Wednesday at ECR 2019 in Vienna.  Discuss
New MRI products target productivity and better outcomes
February 28, 2019 -- Clinical MRI was introduced more than 40 years ago, but the modality continues to evolve with sharper image quality, less time-consuming scans, and expanding value for a variety of applications. The emphasis is on improving diagnoses, patient outcomes, and comfort, while simultaneously providing greater productivity for imaging facilities.  Discuss
3D printing transitions from laboratory to bedside
February 28, 2019 -- Three-dimensional printing has spread from craniomaxillofacial surgery to a wide range of medical disciplines, and it can help demonstrate the value of radiologists in a future with artificial intelligence and machine learning. That's the view of Dr. Philipp Brantner, joint head of the 3D Printing Lab at the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland.  Discuss
Is 7-tesla MRI ready yet to go clinical?
February 28, 2019 -- Clinical 7-tesla MRI is no longer a distant pipedream for researchers and is gaining ground in routine scenarios, advocates of the technique state. Its growing pertinence for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and dementia means that radiologists need to know about the latest 7-tesla practice and its potential, but some practical issues still remain.  Discuss