ECR 2019 News
Acceptance of gadolinium-free techniques increases in clinical MRI
March 3, 2019 -- Can MRI function effectively without gadolinium? This question is more relevant than ever, as the safety of gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents has become a hot topic and knowledge and awareness of gadolinium deposition have grown in recent years. Three experts discussed whether gadolinium alternatives are ready now for clinical practice.  Discuss
Standardized accreditation is key for prostate MRI
March 3, 2019 -- Quality in imaging is never guaranteed -- that is why working toward European-wide accreditation for prostate MRI is the way forward, expert speakers explained at this morning's ECR Master Class. Benchmarking quality in acquisition and reporting must be set within clear clinical pathways, and it is a vital part of the accreditation process.  Discuss
DTI-MRI shows drinking affects young men and women differently
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - Using diffusion-tensor MRI (DTI-MRI), researchers found changes in frontal white-matter integrity in the brains of men who consumed excessive amounts of alcohol in their early teens, according to a study presented on Saturday at ECR 2019.  Discuss
Imaging analytics platform optimizes MRI operations
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - The combination of an imaging analytics platform and lean management concepts can deliver substantial improvements in MRI department operational efficiency without affecting the quality of care, researchers reported at ECR 2019.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2019: Is it OK to wear jeans at a congress?
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - Not so long ago, wearing jeans to a conference was a nonstarter, but it seems to be increasingly acceptable these days. Two fashion-conscious hybrid-imaging specialists, Dr. Irene Burger from Zurich and Thomas Beyer, PhD, MBA, from Vienna, explain why they think denim can be a smart and practical option.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2019: Christiane Nyhsen on ultrasound hygiene
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - Public awareness of the risks of infection transmission through ultrasound is increasing, and there are now best practice recommendations for the decontamination of equipment and also the choice of gel and transducer covers. Ultrasound fusion necessitates the use of extra equipment, and strict hygiene protocols are vital to ensure patient safety, according to Dr. Christiane Nyhsen.  Discuss
Deep-learning MRI algorithm aids in neurological diagnoses
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - A newly developed deep-learning algorithm has shown promising results in the automated diagnosis of several neurological diseases based on routine MRI scans, according to a study presented at ECR 2019.  Discuss
Alphenix angio unit leads Canon offerings at ECR
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - The European launch of its new Alphenix interventional angiography system is the major highlight in the booth of Canon Medical Systems at ECR 2019 this week. Other important products being shown include a new entry-level CT scanner for the global market and new global illumination software.  Discuss
CT system developers utilize AI to boost patient care
March 2, 2019 -- Disease detection with CT has benefited greatly from advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) software during the past year. To make the case at the ECR 2019 technical exhibition, many vendors are dedicating their CT booth presentations to the integration of AI into the modality. The rewards for patient care are visible for all delegates to see during this week's congress.  Discuss
Sports imaging: Look beyond 'dark box' and collaborate for success
March 2, 2019 -- To make real progress in sports imaging, radiologists must look beyond the "dark box" and collaborate with referring doctors, attend multidisciplinary meetings at the hospital, discuss cases with clinical colleagues, and get feedback on the radiology report and direct correlation with arthroscopic findings, according to Dr. Claudia Weidekamm from the Medical University of Vienna.  Discuss