ECR 2016 News
The 'ins and outs' of imaging dense breasts
March 4, 2016 -- In women with dense breasts, mammography's sensitivity can be as low as 60%. In other words, up to 60% of breast cancers can be misdiagnosed in these women. Clearly, something must be done, and something is: Today at ECR 2016, presenters are showcasing tools for quantification and will explain how high breast density may lead to changes in imaging strategies.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2016: Dr. Christiane Kuhl on breast MRI
March 3, 2016 -- VIENNA - MRI has a central role to play in the future of breast screening, but a concerted effort is needed to resolve the remaining challenges, according to Dr. Christiane Kuhl. In an interview at ECR 2016 on Breast Care Day (Wednesday), she explains why she remains a passionate supporter of breast MRI.  Discuss
CT drives new Siemens product launch at ECR 2016
March 3, 2016 -- VIENNA - A new high-end offering in its dual-source CT product line -- called Somatom Drive -- is the focus of Siemens Healthcare at this week's ECR 2016 meeting.  Discuss
Triple rule-out CT offers one-stop shop for chest pain
March 3, 2016 -- VIENNA - Because many patients presenting to the emergency department with chest pain wind up receiving follow-up testing for coronary artery disease anyway, it's worth it to perform the "one-stop shop" of triple rule-out CT, Swiss researchers reported at ECR 2016.  Discuss
Short is just as sweet for breast MRI protocol
March 3, 2016 -- VIENNA - An abbreviated breast MRI protocol, approximately 4 minutes, has comparable diagnostic performance with the full-breast MRI protocol and could be considered useful for dense-breast analysis in high-risk patients, according to a presentation at ECR 2016.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2016: Dr. Emanuele Neri on smartphones
March 3, 2016 -- VIENNA - Is it ever safe and appropriate to read an exam on a smartphone or tablet? To provide some insight on this hot topic, we asked Dr. Emanuele Neri, president of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics. In an interview at ECR 2016, he warned everybody to proceed with caution.  Discuss
Automated coronary plaque analysis predicts future events
March 3, 2016 -- VIENNA - Automated plaque analysis in coronary CT angiography can predict which patients with known ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction may go on to have a heart attack in the future, concluded a Wednesday presentation at ECR 2016.  Discuss
MR fingerprinting turns radiologists into detectives
March 3, 2016 -- Early tests on brain cancer patients show significant promise for the use of MR fingerprinting to produce previously unattainable quantitative information in a short time, according to Dr. Siegfried Trattnig of the Medical University of Vienna, where new research on 10 volunteers has been carried out since ECR 2015.  Discuss
Clinical decision-support systems: Has Europe's time come?
March 3, 2016 -- 2016 should be a landmark year with respect to the use of radiology clinical decision-support systems in Europe. The year will mark the launch of ESR iGuide pilot programs in hospitals in at least five countries.  Discuss
Diffusion-weighted imaging breaks new ground in abdomen
March 3, 2016 -- Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) is no longer a research tool, and radiologists should know how it works and the right way to analyze images in clinical settings. That's the view of speakers at today's session on abdominal DWI, which aims to evaluate the technical difficulties and clinical relevance of both qualitative and quantitative DWI approaches in clinical practice.  Discuss