ECR 2016 News
Success in sports injuries relies on defining technical and clinical approach
March 5, 2016 -- Sports injuries pose unique challenges that set them apart in the world of radiology, particularly when highly driven patients are keen to return to their discipline. Against this demanding backdrop, sports radiologists have to draw on their knowledge, experience, and colleagues from other specialties to correctly define the nature of the injury and expedite swift and effective therapy.  Discuss
Healthcare IT suppliers display innovations at ECR 2016
March 5, 2016 -- At ECR 2016, healthcare equipment companies are displaying technology that is designed to enhance the position of radiologists and improve workflow, efficiency, and multidisciplinary teamwork within hospitals and clinics.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2016: Dr. Erich Sorantin on pediatric dose
March 4, 2016 -- VIENNA - The "half-slice thickness" approach is a practical and cost-effective way to reduce CT dose, particularly for children, and it doesn't require additional hardware or staff. That’s the view of Dr. Erich Sorantin. In an interview with at ECR 2016, he elaborates on how the technique works.  Discuss
Danger of 'gadolinium phobia' looms in Europe
March 4, 2016 -- VIENNA - There's a serious risk of a phobia developing over the use of gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents, following the recent publication of a stinging attack on these agents in a German newspaper, ECR 2016 delegates were told at Friday's highly charged special focus session on brain hypersignals after repeated gadolinium administrations.  Discuss
Philips highlights data analytics at ECR 2016
March 4, 2016 -- VIENNA - Philips Healthcare is highlighting its expanding prowess in data analytics at ECR 2016 this week, as well as additional upgrades and enhancements across its product portfolio.  Discuss
Bone suppression detects more lung nodules on chest x-rays
March 4, 2016 -- VIENNA - Bone suppression can improve radiologists' detection of lung nodules on chest radiographs, according to a presentation this week at ECR 2016. The mean sensitivity improved significantly with the addition of the technique, the researchers found.  Discuss
New angio x-ray unit paces Toshiba's ECR 2016 product launches
March 4, 2016 -- VIENNA - Toshiba Medical Systems is taking advantage of this week's ECR 2016 to launch Infinix-i Rite Edition, a new interventional x-ray system that features a dual C-arm design for faster and more efficient operation and high-speed 3D studies.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2016: Dr. Leo Lawler on management
March 4, 2016 -- VIENNA - Keeping up to date in a fast-moving specialty like radiology is a tough task in itself, but radiologists must also give greater thought to management issues, says Dr. Leo Lawler in an interview with at ECR 2016. He also provides an update on radiology in Ireland, where PACS and the use of locum radiologists remain big issues.  Discuss
Mammography in Nordic countries: Screening and new developments
March 4, 2016 -- Can 3D mammography be the next large-scale population screening tool? The quest for cost-effective individual screening methods remains a priority for breast cancer imaging specialists, but the complexity of different factors in screening presents a huge challenge. Results from several European trials may spell change for screening programs.  Discuss
Follow 3 essential steps for effective cardiothoracic imaging
March 4, 2016 -- The cross-over in presentation between cardiac and pulmonary problems and their shared risk factors has led to growing demand for comprehensive cardiothoracic imaging for cardiopulmonary patients. There are three vital requirements for thorough and effective cardiothoracic imaging, according to Dr. Edwin van Beek, PhD.  Discuss