ECR 2011 News
Iranian radiologists hold out the hand of friendship to Europe
March 9, 2011 -- VIENNA - In an attempt to promote understanding and build bridges between Europe and Iran, the country's rich culture and heritage came under the spotlight at Sunday's European Society of Radiology Meets Session at the European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
Imagers strive to come to terms with age old clinical problems
March 9, 2011 -- VIENNA - A declining birth rate and an increasing elderly population have resulted in new socioeconomic and healthcare problems. Physicians are confronted with complex clinical scenarios arising from this situation, according to a presentation at Sunday's European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
Detecting liver tumors: The search for the Holy Grail
March 9, 2011 -- VIENNA - At Sunday's European Congress of Radiology W.C. Röntgen Honorary Lecture, Dr. Richard Baron used the search for hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhosis as the model of the "Holy Grail" for imaging because it shows why radiologists should be at the forefront of directing patient care and research.  Discuss
Sports imaging requires enquiring mind, anatomical know-how
March 9, 2011 -- VIENNA - Sports imaging is playing an increasing role in confirming a provisional diagnosis, detecting other conditions, planning and monitoring treatment, and reassuring patients that they can return safely to their activity and there is no significant injury, European Congress of Radiology delegates learned at Sunday morning's musculoskeletal refresher course.  Discuss
Siemens touts breast cancer screening survey
March 8, 2011 -- Siemens Healthcare said it presented data from an international survey about breast cancer screening knowledge at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.
CIRTACI: 40% of contrast agent reactions are true allergies
March 7, 2011 -- VIENNA - A 54-month prospective study in France has found that 40% of immediate hypersensitive reactions to the administration of iodine- and gadolinium-based contrast agents are true allergies, according to a Monday presentation at the European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
Dutch study finds few medicolegal claims from mammo screening
March 7, 2011 -- VIENNA - While a 10-year review at a Netherlands breast cancer screening program discovered only three medicolegal cases stemming from screening mammography, it also identified opportunities for improvement, according to a study presented Monday at the European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
Study recommends skipping gonad shields in pediatric x-rays
March 7, 2011 -- VIENNA - Gonad shielding is more trouble than it's worth, concluded Dutch researchers in a study of more than 700 children undergoing x-ray exams of the abdomen and pelvis. Shield placement is rarely correct, they said, and crucial anatomy ends up being covered even when performed correctly, especially in girls.  Discuss
Moving image data beyond radiology promises to transform working practices
March 7, 2011 -- Better and faster imaging techniques enable more accurate diagnoses with less risk. They also mean a change from static to dynamic information, requiring new expertise from radiologists, according to a refresher course Monday at the European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
Computer assistance for image-based diagnosis and therapy
March 7, 2011 -- Attendees at this year's European Congress of Radiology were offered a preview of novel developments in image-based computer assistance for diagnosis and therapy during the Imagine Workshop. The high-tech workshop included new developments from Germany's Fraunhofer MEVIS.  Discuss