Imaging institute bill passes U.S. House; heads for Senate
September 28, 2000 -- U.S. radiologists got the news they've been waiting for with yesterday's passage of H.R. 1795, a bill to establish an Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The legislation now heads for the Senate, where it will likely face a vote in the next two weeks.
Siemens expands ultrasound efforts with bid to acquire Acuson
September 27, 2000 -- The balance of power in the ultrasound industry shifted dramatically today with the announcement that Siemens Medical has agreed to purchase ultrasound vendor Acuson for about $700 million.
CT may beat US in pediatric appendicitis, but at what price?
September 27, 2000 -- CT outperforms ultrasound for diagnosing appendicitis in children, especially those over 10 years old, according to a study in the October American Journal of Roentgenology. But is the higher sensitivity worth the radiation dose? In comments posted to the European newsgroup Eufora, radiologists question the routine use of CT in children, and wonder if operator experience and other factors may have influenced the outcome.
New teleconsulting system overcomes low bandwidth
September 26, 2000 -- The use of videoconferencing systems by physicians has been limited by technical challenges, such as the need for high-bandwidth connections or lossy compression. In the latest issue of RadioGraphics, however, researchers describe how they've built the seemingly impossible: a system that enables real-time manipulation of high quality dynamic images over a low-bandwidth network.
MRI helps assess need for surgery in penile fracture
September 25, 2000 -- While penile fracture is rare, it's a serious and painful urologic condition for which surgery is typically advised. According to an article in the September issue of RadioGraphics, MRI's excellent tissue contrast and multiplanar capabilities make it the presurgery planning tool of choice.
Kodak buys CKI, forms new PARIS business unit
September 24, 2000 -- Eastman Kodak moved decisively this week to expand its presence in imaging and information management. The company acquired Computer Knowledge, an Icelandic RIS provider, and retired the Cemax-Icon name in favor of a new RIS/PACS business unit known as PARIS.
OIG audits are scary but survivable
September 22, 2000 -- When the Office of the U.S. Inspector General knocks on your door with a compliance audit, it pays to cooperate, says Judy Dye of the University of Arizona Medical Center. Dye should know. Her facility survived an audit; good planning and execution can save yours too, she says.
Neuroscientists map physiology of feelings
September 20, 2000 -- What is consciousness? Philosophers have pondered the question for millennia. Their insight kept researchers on track at a time when empirical study was limited to behavioral observation. Now researchers are turning to PET for important clues about the physiology of emotions. With a little help from philosophers, their findings on dynamic neural maps could eventually unveil the secrets of feelings, and perhaps even of consciousness itself.
Security, ASP models highlight new PACS Digital Community
September 19, 2000 -- Welcome to's PACS Digital Community, a site-within-a-site that delivers news, trends, and analysis in the field of digital image management. Our new discussion group capabilities let you interact with other members and PACS experts in areas that interest you most.
fMRI center's push to share data has neuroimagers on edge
September 19, 2000 -- Launched less than three months ago, the National fMRI Data Center has already raised a ruckus in the neuroimaging community. Not only does its director demand raw data before he'll allow studies to be published in a leading journal, he's urging other neuroscience journal editors to follow suit.