Digirad highlights portable uses of compact digital gamma camera at SNM
June 27, 2001 -- TORONTO - Solid-state digital gamma camera developer Digirad is using this week’s Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting to highlight the utility of its product for portable applications. The San Diego company hopes to replicate in general SPECT the success it is experiencing in nuclear cardiology.
Strategic marketing brings in referring physicians
June 27, 2001 -- Providing good service is winning only half the battle in the competitive marketplace of medical imaging. Capturing the hearts, minds, and money of customers requires raising their awareness of the services a facility provides. Strategic marketing is the best way to raise a customer's consciousness of a practice.
Wagner taps PET Alzheimer’s study as SNM 2001’s Image of the Year
June 26, 2001 -- TORONTO - A PET study of a new radiopharmaceutical developed for imaging the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease was named Image of the Year by Dr. Henry Wagner Monday at the Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting.
ADAC and Philips merge people and platforms
June 26, 2001 -- Longtime nuclear medicine pioneer ADAC is attending its first SNM meeting this week since being acquired late last year by Philips Medical Systems. The Milpitas, CA-based vendor is highlighting its progress in developing a hybrid CT/PET system, a new dedicated PET camera, and a SPECT camera with a decidedly different design.
FDG-PET shows viability in small-cell lung cancer imaging
June 26, 2001 -- TORONTO - FDG-PET can play a useful role in the imaging of small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), according to two presentations Monday at the Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting.
PET predicts future cognitive decline
June 26, 2001 -- TORONTO - In an effort to assess the prognostic value of FDG-PET in people with mild symptoms of memory loss, investigators from UCLA sought to correlate cerebral PET results with future cognitive decline. In a study presented Monday, PET predicted which cognitively impaired patients could be expected to worsen.
Nuclear medicine rides wave of good news as SNM show opens
June 25, 2001 -- TORONTO - You can pardon nuclear medicine proponents if they’re feeling a little flush. The modality, once written off as obsolete by much of the medical imaging world, is finding itself smack in the middle of a remarkable boom as demand for metabolic imaging data skyrockets.
GE rolls out line of hybrid scanners
June 25, 2001 -- GE Medical Systems believes that fusion imaging is the future of nuclear medicine. And the Waukesha, WI-based firm is backing up its vision with the launch of a family of combo scanners at this week's Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting.
Toshiba showcases gamma camera workstation at SNM
June 25, 2001 -- The nuclear medicine division of Toshiba America Medical Systems has beefed up its e.soft workstation for the T. Cam gamma camera systems. SNM attendees are getting a gander at the four new application options.
PET, SPECT differ in Alzheimer's imaging
June 25, 2001 -- TORONTO - FDG-PET scans of Alzheimer's patients produce more distinct findings and results that correlate more closely with dementia severity than do HMPAO-SPECT studies, according to research presented yesterday at the 48th annual Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting.