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Actionable AI: Transforming Cancer Detection

DeepHealth to deliver eight presentations at RSNA
on the impact of AI.

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Pioneering Research

DeepHealth scientists will share their expertise and the real-world benefits of machine learning at this year’s RSNA. In a total of seven abstracts, plus a presentation at the AI Theater, the experts at DeepHealth will present diverse research on breast cancer screening, ranging from health equity issues to quantitative assessments of false negatives. Several of the abstracts were accepted as Cutting-Edge Research.

The entire presentation schedule is here.

Actionable AI

DeepHealth has created a leading, FDA-cleared artificial intelligence technology, called Saige-Dx™, to assist radiologists in interpreting screening mammograms.

  • Before even opening an exam, radiologists using Saige-Dx can sort their worklist by level of suspiciousness, improving the efficiency their workflow.
  • Saige-Dx then identifies suspicious lesions in the mammography image, placing each lesion and each exam into an actionable category.

Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection

Saige-Dx is the backbone of the new Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection program, which aligns state-of-the-art tools to optimize a patient’s annual mammography—delivering a new level of accuracy and efficiency.

Join us at any of the seven abstract presentations or at the AI Theater presentation to learn more about DeepHealth’s research—and how it is turning that research into pioneering solutions for women.

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