Kids are different: Why you need dedicated imaging tools to treat pediatric patients Siemens Healthineers eBlast

Setting a new standard in pediatric ultrasound

Helping you manage the imaging needs of the premature neonate to the teenager

Pediatric imaging ranges from the premature neonate to the adult-sized teenager. Therefore, the imaging of pediatric patients requires both small as well as conventional footprints with adjustable frequencies to adapt to various depths and patient needs.

Children aren't small adults.

Their organs aren't just smaller – they're still developing.

Their heart and respiratory rates aren't just different – they're faster.

That's why ultrasound is often the first line of imaging for many indications due to the reduced radiation exposure, portability, temporal resolution, and the ability to provide a diagnosis without the need for additional imaging.

We designed the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system to combat these unique challenges. ACUSON Sequoia has dedicated pediatric transducers and measurement packages. It also scans faster and delivers more image quality than conventional ultrasound.¹ ACUSON Sequoia delivers the highest levels of diagnostic accuracy in the premature neonate to the adult-sized teenager.

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¹ Compared to ACUSON S3000 ultrasound system
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