Advanced noise reduction, made possible with AI. Take the AiCE Challenge. Canon Medical | AICE Integrated Intelligence

Advanced noise reduction, made possible with AI.
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3T vs. Vantage Orian 1.5T+AiCE

Can't see the difference with these images?

Don't worry, neither can we. Meet the Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)-the world's first fully integrated Deep Learning Reconstruction technology for MR. It allows you to unlock the image quality far beyond your MR system's standard to produce exceptionally detailed images with the low-noise properties you might expect of a higher SNR* image.

See how this first-of-its-kind technology opens up the possibilities in MR.

Clinical improvements
· AiCE expands your MR offering beyond the original capabilities of your system

Operational improvements
· AiCE enhances productivity by providing technicians with high-quality images

Financial improvements
· AiCE helps reduce your capital investment and siting costs**

* provides higher SNR compared to typical low pass filters.
** when comparing the costs of a 1.5T MRI with AiCE and a 3T MRI

Take the AiCE Challenge »
Take the AiCE Challenge
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