Intellect at every step. Incisive CT adapts to you.
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Intellect at every step
Incisive CT adapts to you
The challenges facing radiology departments — workflow, uptime, cost of ownership — have come into sharper focus with the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has become a catalyst for change to improve the CT experience for patients and staff, make smart clinical decisions and increase efficiency.

Bring predictability to an unpredictable world

Philips Incisive CT offers intellect at every step, with operator and design efficiencies that come together for wise decisions from start to finish, and helps you solve problems before they can impact daily operations through 24/7 monitoring and remote services for rapid resolution of issues, without the need for on-site services.

Elevate your business

Industry-first Tube for Life guarantee* — Philips will replace the Incisive‚Äôs X-ray tube at no additional cost throughout the life of the system, potentially lowering operating expenses by an estimated $400,000**.
Deliver intelligence that adapts to you

Patient-side gantry controls allow your staff to spend the right amount of time with your patient, improving workflow and high-quality scanning consistency, increasing uptime and decreasing "time to results" by 19%***.
Side gantry controls
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*Life of the product is defined by Philips as 10 years. Tube for Life guarantee availability varies by country. Please contact your local Philips sales representative for details.

**Actual operating costs for customers vary significantly because many variables exist (such as CT make and model, hospital/imaging center size, case mix, system usage). The potential savings identified estimates the avoidance of purchasing replacement tubes over a 10-year useful life of a CT system, based on an average selling price of $140,000 per replacement tube and estimated tube life of 3 years. There can be no guarantee that all customers will achieve this result.

***Based on a study performed at Oz Radiology Group. Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
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