Every scan in spectral, without compromise
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IQon Spectral CT
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Every scan is spectral, without compromise
The challenges that health systems face have come into even sharper focus. A catalyst for change. A defining moment to reimagine radiology workflow, increase diagnostic certainty, and improve total cost of ownership — enabling you to improve the CT experience for patients and staff, make intelligent clinical decisions, and increase efficiency.

Diagnostic certainty enabled for every patient

The industry's first and only detector-based spectral solution delivers valuable clinical insights to improve tissue characterization and visualization for confident disease management for every patient.

Powerful intelligence advancements that fit your workflow

Improve time to diagnoses by 34%* and bring consistency to your CT workflow with zero-click positioning and exam cards built-in with the right protocols and results, all integrated to optimize workflow across your enterprise with our unique Magic Glass on PACS solution.

Get more with less!

With IQon Spectral CT every scan provides both conventional and spectral data, enabling you to improve the CT experience for patients and staff, make smart clinical decisions and increase efficiency by decreasing repeat and follow up scans**.
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Engage with leading experts in Spectral CT to discuss the future direction and gain insights to build and expand Spectral CT in your organization. Join us for this highly interactive virtual opportunity to network and propel the exchange of clinical best practice for Spectral CT!
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*Norwood, D., Filat I., Snijders F., Dharaiya E. (2017). Economic impact for patients with renal insufficiency.Retrieved from https://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/product/HC729332/iqon-elite-spectral-ct-ct-scanner/documentation

**Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
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