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  See how we are setting the new standard in cybersecurity with Gateway Platinum.   »  
As medical data breaches become more advanced, so does
our protection. Canon Medical’s Gateway Platinum is a
state-of-the-art, integrated cybersecurity solution that creates
an ultra-protective shield around your imaging assets and
patients’ most valuable personal data.
Experience protection on every data path with Gateway
  Next-generation, deny-all firewall isolates the imaging system from the hospital network—enabling multi-layered protection that alerts malicious activity
InnerVision Plus allows engineers to remotely troubleshoot your imaging system to help catch problems before they affect performance
High security site-to-site VPN tunnel enables a secure connection back to Canon Medical Control Center to help keep your imaging assets safe
Even as operating software is changing, we are offering solutions that keep you protected. Find out more about keeping yours and your patients’ information safe with Gateway Platinum.
Providing quality care across multiple modalities, Canon Medical’s Collaborative imaging brings our latest innovations in cybersecurity protection straight to you.
See how we are setting the new standard in cybersecurity with Gateway Platinum.
Together, we make it possible. Made For life
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