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Have you met AIDAN yet?

The new intelligent scanner platform for PET/CT

AIDAN¹ allows you to perform PET/CT exams with ease and helps you to become more efficient and personalized, yet standardized. All this, with the click of a button.


What makes AIDAN possible?

    Artificial intelligence
Digital hardware
Patient-focused design

These three pillars will be the foundation of our new PET/CT technology and will be available across the entire Biograph family. AIDAN-enabled features help you to get the most out of every study for every patient.

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¹The features herein are not available for sale in the US and other countries on Biograph Horizon. Future availability cannot be guaranteed.

The features herein do not yet fulfill all the essential requirements according to the European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and its national implementations for Biograph mCT and Biograph Vision. They are under development and not yet commercially available in the EU and not available for sale in the US or any other country. Future availability cannot be guaranteed.
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