Road to RSNA 2007: PACS Preview
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Road to RSNA 2007: PACS Preview - - October 25, 2007

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Continuing trends in evidence at recent RSNA meetings, PACS vendors are coming to Chicago highlighting expanded support for clinical applications, as well as workflow improvements.

With the ongoing increase in the amount and complexity of image data, many firms are clearly responding by making advanced visualization (AV) technology a priority. Look for PACS companies exhibiting at McCormick Place to highlight integration of AV functionality, allowing users to launch these capabilities directly from their PACS workstation software and access these tools from around the healthcare enterprise.

For additional standalone AV technology introductions, stay tuned for our upcoming Advanced Visualization Road to RSNA section.

Digital mammography is again attracting attention in the PACS world, with many vendors highlighting viewing and management support for breast imaging. In addition, digital dashboard applications continue to grow in popularity, as vendors seek to provide customers with more management and monitoring capabilities to maximize their PACS investment.

With growth in the PACS market primarily taking place these days in small to medium-sized hospitals and imaging centers, it's also no surprise that companies are looking to directly address these sectors. RSNA attendees can expect to find plenty of specialized PACS configurations for lower-volume sites.

Erik L. Ridley
Business Editor

 Exhibitor Summaries 
Agfa HealthCare
(Booth 4106) Agfa HealthCare will highlight six suites of its Impax portfolio, each targeted at specific healthcare segments, at the 2007 RSNA conference.

(Booth 2583) Amicas will feature version 5.5 of its Vision Series PACS network and introduce version 2.0 of its Vision Reach module in its RSNA booth this year.

Ashva Technologies
(Booth 6421) Ashva Technologies of Plymouth, MN, plans to showcase version 2.0 of its iMagic ultrasound image management software at this year's RSNA conference.

(Booth 3307) Aspyra will feature new versions of its AccessRad RIS/PACS and AccessNet PACS software at the 2007 RSNA meeting.

Brit Systems
(Booth 3503) Brit Systems will highlight a workflow package for outsourced radiology reading applications at the upcoming RSNA conference.

Carestream Health
(Booth 2513) Carestream Health of Rochester, NY, plans to showcase the latest version of its Carestream PACS offering in its RSNA booth this year.

Cedara Software
(Booth 1316) Cedara Software will feature its C4 integration platform and development tools for software developers at the 2007 RSNA conference.

(Booth 1365) Cerner of Kansas City, MO, will showcase developments with its ProVision Workstation at this year's RSNA meeting.

CoActiv Medical Business Solutions
(Booth 5741) CoActiv of Ridgefield, CT, will emphasize its Paperless-PACS concept, which adds paperless capability to its Exam-PACS line, in its RSNA booth.

Connect Imaging
(Booth 6551) Connect Imaging of Honolulu plans to debut PACS Dashboard in its booth at this year's RSNA conference.

DR Systems
(Booth 2165) DR Systems will highlight new mammography features on its Unity RIS/PACS platform at the upcoming 2007 RSNA show.

Dynamic Imaging
(Booth 4765) Dynamic Imaging will feature upgrades to its IntegradWeb line at this year's RSNA conference.

(Booth 3339) Italian vendor EBIT AET will present enhancements to its Risolution RIS/PACS portfolio at the 2007 RSNA meeting.

(Booth 6959) Expect Atlanta-based Eclipsys to focus on enhancements to its Sunrise PACS line at this year's RSNA show.

(Booth 8508) Emageon of Birmingham, AL, will spotlight its RadSuite Express PACS offering at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Empiric Systems
(Booth 5738) Empiric Systems of Morrisville, NC, plans to demonstrate version 5.0 of its Encompass.Net RIS/PACS network in its 2007 RSNA booth.

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA
(Booth 1129) Fuji will highlight the latest version of its Synapse PACS software at this year's RSNA conference in Chicago.

GE Healthcare
(Booth 1729) Expect GE to feature its recent acquisition of PACS vendor Dynamic Imaging. On the product side, version 3.0 of Centricity Imaging-PACS will be highlighted in the company's RSNA booth.

Healthy Information Technology
(Booth 8938) Healthy-IT of Newport Beach, CA, will feature upgrades to its TelePax offering on the RSNA show floor.

Heart Imaging Technologies
(Booth 3588) HeartIT of Durham, NC, will bring its WebPax VS package to this year's RSNA meeting in Chicago.

IMCO Technologies
(Booth 4183) IMCO Technologies of Pewaukee, WI, will highlight software upgrades on its IMCO-PACS at the 2007 RSNA show.

Infinitt North America
(Booth 8520) Infinitt of Phillipsburg, NJ, plans to direct RSNA attendees to its Cardiology PACS offering.

Integrated Modular Systems
(Booth 3204) Integrated Modular Systems (IMSI) will feature its ImageWebGate service, as well as several upgrades, at this year's RSNA show.

Intelerad Medical Systems
(Booth 4759) InteleRad Medical Systems of Montreal will come to McCormick Place in Chicago armed with new features for its IntelePACS and InteleViewer software.

Intuitive Imaging Informatics
(Booth 3965) Intuitive Imaging Informatics (I3) of Los Angeles will feature enhancements for its Rational Imaging and ImageQube PACS lines at the upcoming RSNA show in Chicago.

McKesson Provider Technologies - Medical Imaging Group
(Booth 2542) McKesson will present the latest releases of its Horizon Medical Imaging and Horizon Cardiology packages at the 2007 RSNA meeting.

Medicor Imaging
(Booth 3295) Medicor Imaging of Charlotte, NC, plans to introduce its MiPACS MedView image distribution software at this year's RSNA meeting.

(Booth 1051) Medsynaptic of Pune, India, will feature its Web-based MedSynapse PACS line in its RSNA 2007 booth.

(Booth 3959) Medweb highlights for this year's RSNA meeting include upgrades to its Dashboard application and a 3D/4D WebPACS offering.

Merge Healthcare
(Booth 1122) Merge Healthcare of Milwaukee will display a range of RIS/PACS offerings at the 2007 RSNA conference in Chicago.

Meta Fusion
(Booth 6456) Meta Fusion will feature upgrades to its Helium RIS/PACS application at the upcoming RSNA meeting.

(Booth 4174) MIMvista of Cleveland will present its RT-PACS offering in its RSNA booth this year.

Neurostar Solutions
(Booth 3582) Neurostar of Atlanta will focus on enhancements to its Virtual Radiology Network (VRN) at the RSNA conference this year.

(Booth 3202) NovaRad of American Fork, UT, will spotlight version 7.0 of its NovaPACS software in its RSNA booth.

Philips Medical Systems
(Booth 4129) Philips Medical Systems of Andover, MA, will demonstrate versions 3.6 and 4.1 of its iSite PACS line of PACS software at this year's RSNA meeting.

(Booth 4711) Radlink of Redondo Beach, CA, will tout its ThinPACS network for single or multilocation office practices.

(Booth 4303) RamSoft will show new versions of its One RIS/PACS and PowerServer PACS offerings at the 2007 RSNA meeting.

(Booth 6908) Rogan-Delft of Veenendaal, Netherlands, plans to showcase a range of additions to its View Pro-X (VPX) viewing application.

(Booth 2551) ScImage of Los Altos, CA, will emphasize updates to PicomEnterprise, as well as mammography and advanced visualization tools, at this year's RSNA show.

(Booth 6513) Swedish PACS vendor Sectra will feature version IDS7/dx of its PACS diagnostic workstation software in its RSNA 2007 booth.

Siemens Medical Solutions
(Booth 7713) Siemens will direct RSNA attendees to developments with its syngo platform, as well as a range of advanced visualization software.

Thinking Systems
(Booth 4583) Thinking Systems of St. Petersburg, FL, will debut new PET/CT and cardiac imaging functions for its ThinkingPACS line at this year's RSNA meeting.

Visage Imaging
(Booth 2591) Visage Imaging, a subsidiary of Mercury Computer Systems, will place its Visage PACS/CS into the limelight at the 2007 RSNA conference.

Visus Technology Transfer
(Booth 8401) Visus Technology Transfer of Bochum, Germany, will present new enhancements for its JiveX system on the RSNA show floor at McCormick Place.

Voyager Imaging
(Booth 4050) Voyager Imaging of East Hawthorn, Australia, plans to focus on the benefits of its Voyager PACS image data prefetching technique.

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Road to RSNA 2007: PACS Preview - - October 25, 2007
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