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Intelligently efficient exam workflows to improve outcomes and patient experience

Are you looking for ways to improve efficiencies across your operations? Our digital platforms can help. They can bring visibility and transparency to your operations, and tools to help connect data, medical devices and clinicians – supporting improved operational efficiencies and clinical outcomes.

We can help you achieve fast, easy exams and workflows by using fewer resources to achieve the same or improved outcomes, while reducing repeat scans and exams, and improving the patient experience.

The path to greater imaging performance starts here


Elevating digital healthcare to connect devices, data and people

Across healthcare, both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have enabled new technologies to transform healthcare operations and care delivery. Learn how to improve efficiencies and clinical outcomes by activating data insights.

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Future forward CT – effortless workflow and sustainable modular design

Radiology staff can benefit from new effortless workflow solutions that eliminate clicks and automate tasks to relieve some of their staffing and exam burden.

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Support radiology staff and advance clinical outcomes with intelligent X-Ray efficiencies

Recent innovations in X-Ray incorporate advanced artificial intelligence tools along with ergonomic improvements to improve operational and reading workflows. These advancements also help reduce the stress and strain on staff.

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Augment liver embolization with Liver ASSIST Virtual Parenchyma*

A comprehensive digital solution for tumor-feeding vessels identification and planning of injection strategies:

  • Enables 1-click segmentation of liver vasculature from a Cone-Beam CT acquisition
  • Simulates potential injection in real-time before treatment
  • AI-based visualization of estimated liver territories (vessels and parenchyma) in real-time to augment liver embolization simulation capabilities

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Definium™ Tempo

Definium Tempo is a highly automated, AI-powered digital imaging solution that enables technologists to take advantage of streamlined exam workflows, decrease physical stress on their bodies, operate efficiently, and reduce errors and repeat exams. Equipped with intelligent applications, the system provides assistance to ease the burden on technologists and to focus on what matters most — the patient.

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* Liver ASSIST Virtual Parenchyma solution includes Hepatic VCAR and FlightPlan for Liver with Parenchyma Analysis option and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer Innova, Vision 2, VesselIQ Xpress, Autobone Xpress. These applications are sold separately. FlightPlan for Liver with Parenchyma Analysis option may not be available for sale in all countries. Please refer to your sales representative for more information.

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Not all products or features are available in all geographies. Check with your local GE Healthcare representative for availability in your country or region


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