The path to greater imaging performance starts here

The path to greater imaging performance starts here.

Improving radiology starts with efficient, accessible and clinically accurate imaging that aids in the precise diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Innovative imaging technologies have changed the way care is delivered and could offer optimized patient outcomes. Learn more below about how we're building a world that works and insights on the latest advanced imaging technologies to help drive improved outcomes for your patients.

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Building a world that works @ RSNA 2021

Advanced imaging technology transforms the way care is delivered

Have you seen the latest innovations of 2021? Don't wait for RSNA. Join us to see the innovative, intelligently efficient solutions available now and there's more to come leading up to the show. The path to greater imaging performance starts here.

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Driving Radiology Forward – News and Insights

Reshaping efficiency in breast health imaging

Optimized clinical workflows in mammography operations are necessary to support the large patient volumes of annual screening mammogram visits. The benefits of advanced imaging technology in women's health not only support the patient experience, but also contribute to an optimized workflow for the clinicians and technologists performing the exams.

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Back on track: Radiology moves forward with a sharpened focus on priorities

Managing increasing system complexity, strained budgets and staff shortages, today's radiology departments are feeling a tremendous need to improve efficiencies, while keeping costs low. Despite the need to focus on the COVID pandemic, the priorities that were identified in the pre-pandemic world haven't changed and radiologists are refocusing their attention.

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Global trends in radiation oncology

Imaging has an essential role in the planning and delivery of radiation therapy. The integration of imaging technology into modern radiation therapy treatment systems has led to an increase in the precision and accuracy of radiation delivery.¹

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Imaging Spotlights

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Early detection can save lives.

GE Healthcare has a long history of commitment to improving women's healthcare through new breakthrough technology and solutions. To continue advancing breast health technology, the patient must be at the center of every design. Over the last five years, the revolution in breast care is no longer aspirational – it's happening now!

Proud to be celebrating five years of #Pristina innovation with the #GEHealthcare team as we continue the fight against breast cancer.


Get to the heart of every challenging case

Introducing MyoSPECT, a dedicated cardiac SPECT built to accurately see the story in every heartbeat by leveraging our exclusive stationary detector, complete with our own CZT module design. Comfortably accommodate all patients, and there is extended FOV processing for a 76 percent increase in FOV volume.² Our Smart Positioning workflow provides automated scan position recommendations. From form to function to the future, there has never been a more complete solution for cardiac imaging..

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GE Healthcare Unveils Next Gen Portable X-Ray System to Help Address Technologist Stress and Strain and Improve Efficiency

In today's bustling healthcare environment, being able to promptly reach each patient and consistently administer the highest level of care is critical. A mobile X-Ray that can be nimble and move with you as you move to your next patient is crucial, and a system that provides consistent and reliable results is equally important. It's time to take mobile X-Ray to a new level of mobility, clinical capability and reliability.

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OEC 3D Surgical Imaging C-arm

The OEC 3D is a new surgical imaging C-arm that provides precise 3D and 2D imaging to surgical suites, bringing CT-like images into the operating room while enabling efficient imaging every day. OEC 3D also includes the recognizable OEC C-arm 2D imaging experience and versatility for all types of procedures from general surgery to interventional cardiovascular procedures to everyday procedures.

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Upcoming events

Unleash the Hybrid OR Potential Webinar

Date: October 20, 2021
Time: 12:00PM EST / 6:00PM CEST

As minimally invasive interventions continue to develop, come and listen to how technology in hybrid operating rooms can help assist you in performing procedures, from the standard to the most complex ones.

During this live webinar, Doctors Oderich, Farber, Jazaeri and Professor Walsh will share recorded live cases, providing insights, answering questions, and sharing their vision on the evolution of their practices. Moderators are Dr. Clough and Prof. Haulon.

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Join us at ASNC 2021!

Date: September 30 – October 3

This year ASNC has gone virtual and we are excited to introduce MyoSPECT™, a new cardiac-dedicated SPECT Camera!

Join us to learn all about this new product, and also to join other live product presentations, live expert exchanges and live 1-on-1 and group meetings.

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Learn how we are building a world that works.

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¹Beaton, L., Bandula, S., Gaze, M.N. et al. How rapid advances in imaging are defining the future of precision radiation oncology. Br J Cancer 120, 779-790 (2019).
²As compared to Discovery™ NM 530c.

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