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For many, adopting new technology can be a source of dread or even something you purposefully postpone to avoid the experience. In fact, there are plenty of myths we tell ourselves about the process: it'll be complicated and time-consuming, involves a steep learning curve, or requires a heavy lift. This does not have to be your experience. The reality is that with the right technology, adopting a new system could be easier than you think.

Innovation for the Future of Care

"The transition was quite easy. I really feel that the SuperSonic® Ultrasound System provides an intuitive roadmap, like when you're using a smartphone. It's incredibly easy to navigate."
—Dr. Amy Patel, Breast Radiologist and Medical Director, Women's Imaging Center at Liberty Hospital, Liberty, MO

Change is good, but even better when it's simple and supported. The majority of ultrasound users agreed that 5 days or less is an acceptable timeframe to learn how to use a new ultrasound system and feel comfortable using it.* Fortunately, our learning curve technology seamlessly incorporates into your facility's existing equipment infrastructure.

Exceptional Image Quality

"So, if we can find lesions accurately, particularly on ultrasound, it adds to our diagnostic confidence and allows more comfort for a patient."
—Dr. Patel

The Hologic SuperSonic® MACH™ Ultrasound Series is consistently defining and reinventing the cutting-edge. Powered by unique UltraFast™ technology, it captures up to 20,000 images per second. That means smooth images with reduced speckle (regardless of tissue density) and improved lesion conspicuity.

Utmost Reliability for Maximum Performance

We're prepared to meet the ever-growing and shifting needs of your busy practice with an unyielding commitment to quality and complete customer satisfaction through our award-winning SureCare® Service support team. You can choose from different service plans to fit your needs, driving maximum productivity and performance.

Learn More

The SuperSonic® MACH™ Ultrasound Series can enrich the standard of care you're providing and take your practice to the next level. Are you ready to embrace the change?

Looking forward to our partnership,

Hologic, Inc.

*According to a 2021 AuntMinnie.com Survey of 210 Radiologists, Sonographers, and Ultrasound Technologists

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