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Implement AI solutions to Drive Strategic Change in Your Radiology Department

Reimagine imaging by integrating intelligence guided technology across your radiology department to inform effective workflow improvements and enhance efficiencies, leading to better outcomes. This can be challenging while managing continued cost pressures and changing expectations of patients and referring physicians. GE Healthcare is here to partner with you to help you meet the challenges of today and prepare for what comes next.

Learn how deep-learning based reconstruction is enhancing MR images while reducing scan times, how the AI effect is making healthcare more human, and the importance of continued focus on Women's Health.

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Reconstruction is at the heart of every scan and reducing noise during reconstruction is critical to achieving clear images. AIR™ Recon DL* is a pioneering, deep-learning based reconstruction algorithm that improves SNR and image sharpness, enabling shorter scan times. It improves image quality at the foundational level by making use of the raw data to remove image noise and ringing.

How a MR clinic cut scan times by 30+ percent with better image quality

When it comes to MR technology, it's commonly understood that you can have good resolution, good SNR, or fast scans—but never all three. Learn how one Massachusetts imaging clinic achieved all three—out of the box—with the AIR™ Recon DL. In the first week of use, they saw shorter scan times with better image quality and improved patient experience.

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You're invited! Elevating MR body imaging with AIR™ Recon DL

Join us for a special webinar focusing on the latest applications for body MR imaging with Dr. Utaroh Motosugi, Kofu Kyoritsu Hospital. He will share how his experience with the industry-leading AIR™ Recon DL has improved image quality and delivered better diagnostic confidence in their clinical practice for body and pelvic imaging.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
6:00 am PST | 8:00 am CST | 9:00 am EST | 3:00 pm CEST

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AIR™ Recon DL clinical benefits for MR image reconstruction

What if there was an alternative to conventional MR image reconstruction where the user did not have to choose between spatial resolution, SNR or scan time? AIR™ Recon DL is a pioneering, deep-learning based reconstruction algorithm that improves SNR and image sharpness, enabling shorter scan times. There are many benefits to AIR™ Recon DL which extend to clinical, operational and financial aspects of MR imaging. Read more about the clinical benefits of AIR™ Recon DL on your everyday clinical practice.

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Research shows that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help healthcare professionals perform their jobs the way they've always wanted to; giving them the time and tools to focus on what matters to build a more efficient and intelligent ecosystem for patient care.

Learn more about The AI Effect

A new report on how AI is already impacting healthcare today from MIT Technology Review Insights and GE Healthcare.

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This is an important time of the year to remind your patients: Please don't skip! As you know, 25 percent of women skip their annual mammograms due to discomfort, anxiety and pain. It's particularly critical in this time of COVID-19 when thousands of women have missed their mammogram and remain fearful of returning to healthcare facilities. The result is thousands of missed breast cancer diagnoses.
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Introducing the next evolution in contrast

Join the World Premiere Event introducing industry-first Serena Bright™ contrast-enhanced guided breast biopsy. Contrast enhanced spectral mammography allows you to be more certain whether biopsy is necessary or not. Now with Serena Bright, contrast-enhanced guided biopsy provides exceptional clinical confidence and accuracy without shifting to another imaging modality. Join us to hear from your peers how contrast-enhanced biopsy can complete your contrast platform to become an essential part of a breast program to meet the needs of any patient.

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DON'T SKIP: Rethinking the mammography experience to engage patients – Digital Meet-Up

Join our Digital Meet-Up on the 27th and contribute to this live discussion with our breast care experts. Wherever you are in the world, whether you are a technologist, radiologists, generalist, breast oncologist, breast surgeon, hospital administrator or other, you are welcome to join this important discussion. DON'T SKIP!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
2:00 pm EST | 1:00 pm CST

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Join a panel of experts who are shaping the horizon of Mammography

Innovation in Breast Cancer detection and diagnosis doesn't stop during a crisis. It is challenging us to adapt our way of working and organizing. Recognized experts in breast imaging will share their vision on:

  • The future of breast screening and breast cancer imaging in the post COVID era
  • How contrast-enhanced mammography innovations can impact diagnosis
  • The future of AI in breast cancer detection

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Focus on improving the breast care patient experience during COVID-19

As imaging centers are beginning to reopen for screenings, it is imperative that the patient experience remain a principal focus, and not be overshadowed by the necessary focus on ensuring the safety of patients and staff from COVID-19 infection. Why? Because cancer won't wait during COVID.

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Radiology Insights

Read the latest news, articles, and insights for healthcare professionals to improve clinical efficiency and optimize patient care.

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What's new? Radiology Imaging and Webinars

View a selection of the latest webinars and events on topics, such as ways to ease patients' fears during COVID-19, Making AI Meaningful, and more. Keep checking back — there's more to come.

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*AIR™ Recon DL is not available in all regions and is not yet CE marked for 1.5T.

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