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Digital Tomosynthesis:
Bridging the gap between 2D GenRad and CT intelligent lifecycle solutions

Close the gap between 2D imaging and CT. Digital tomosynthesis adds the advantages of multi-slice scans, with MUSICA image quality and a fast workflow, to Agfa DR rooms. You get depth information and meaningful answers, from a rapid, economical and low-dose technique.
Turning hidden depths into meaningful answers

Our brand-new, patented tomosynthesis algorithms solve the problem of traditionally slow multi-slice reconstruction. A single sweep provides multiple tomographic slices that are quickly reconstructed into images with less noise and fewer artifacts.

A method for patient care and hospital productivity

Agfa white paper "Digital tomosynthesis – extending conventional 2D X-ray imaging into the next dimension" demonstrates clinical potential of the technology in productivity-oriented clinical environments. The paper includes several musculoskeletal cases with indications, imaging examples, and the added value propositions of digital tomosynthesis.

Versatility and efficiency: a perfect fit

"Having the digital tomosynthesis with our DR 800 offers us an additional imaging choice that speeds up diagnosis. It reveals things that might not be visible with classical X-ray. Yet it can be done without moving the patient from the X-ray department," testifies Robert Zbyslaw, Radiologist, Ilawa Hospital, Poland.

Another tool in your fight against COVID-19

Digital tomosynthesis enables improved lung disease detection, while easing the strain on busy CT rooms. In the battle against COVID-19, healthcare providers are fighting against time. Chest imaging has a key role to play, including both X-ray and CT. However, in a very busy crisis environment, CT rooms are often overbooked. At the same time, hospitals don't want to reserve all their CTs for COVID cases, due to the need for disinfection before they can be used for other patients.

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