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Agfa transforms its DR portfolio into
intelligent life cycle solutions

As part of this transformation, new solutions, including digital tomosynthesis and the groundbreaking DR 100s mobile imaging unit, will be launched.
A new force in mobile imaging:
The DR 100s

Agfa's DR 100s is a high-productivity, ergonomic, mobile DR imaging solution. Delivering a new force in mobile imaging, its customer-driven design supports greater productivity and enhanced patient care. With the new DR100s, X-ray re-invents itself providing consistent and intelligent information to caregivers, and definitive answers to critical patients.

Digital tomosynthesis adds clinical value
to a wide range of applications

Agfa's digital tomosynthesis solution is now available with the DR 600 and DR 800. Empowered by MUSICA, it adds clinical value to a wide range of applications. Agfa's brand-new, tomosynthesis algorithms for iterative reconstruction, deliver images with less noise and fewer artifacts. These algorithms also enable very fast image reconstruction, overcoming the usual slow iterative reconstruction process.

The MUSICA Imaging Workstation:
intelligence and efficiency for radiology

All Agfa DR solutions are delivered with the MUSICA Imaging Workstation, which provides efficiency and intelligence, with a single, intuitive interface.

Smart MUSICA tools and customer-driven functionalities deliver a flexibility and customization that meet the needs and tasks of technologists, radiologists and imaging facilities.

Frost & Sullivan white paper
‘Leveraging the Benefits of Multi-functional Radiology Imaging Technology’

“The growing demand for diagnostic imaging studies, including radiography, has put a strain on hospitals to find efficiencies in their workflows and capital investments,” starts the white paper. The DR 800 “meets this demand in a novel way by combining radiography and fluoroscopy capabilities into a single system to provide benefits to clinicians, patients, and administration.”

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