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Did you know?
With rapid patient and procedural growth, global demand for X‑ray contrast media has increased by approximately 20% from 2015 to 2018.1
That’s why we have expanded our manufacturing network, investing over $240 million to increase our capacity by more than 50% from 2013 to 2018.2 Additional investments are in progress to take this capacity up further.2
Did you also know?
This comes at a time when there is limitation on production of iodine (the raw material in X‑ray contrast media) due to potential environmental impacts and extraction challenges in the two countries that provide nearly 90% of the world’s supply.3-5
With demand at risk of outpacing supply we are working hard to manage the cost and complexity of iodine supply for X‑ray contrast media. As one of the world’s largest users of iodine, we have strong relationships in place with suppliers to help ensure that we continue to reliably supply one‑third of the world’s X‑ray contrast media.
We are proud of the fact that close to a quarter of a million patients every day are imaged using a diagnostic imaging agent provided or produced by GE Healthcare.6 Our long-term investment plan to increase our supply chain capacity and commitment to operational excellence ensures we are able to step in so that you and your patients are not impacted.
Learn how GE Healthcare is helping to ensure iodine availability and about our significant investment to help secure your contrast media supply.
Click here to download our full contrast media investment brochure to find out more.
  GE Healthcare contrast media in numbers...
invested more than $240 million in the past five years increasing supply chain capacity2
global demand for X‑ray CM products has increased by more than 20% in the past 3 years1
years’ experience providing contrast media to the US market
procedures each year performed with GE Healthcare contrast media6
3 patients injected every second with GE Healthcare contrast media6
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