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Best in Klas 2012Hologic Takes Top Three Places in Mammography Category in 2012 KLAS Medical Equipment Awards

In their March 2012 report2 on the market for women's imaging equipment, KLAS researchers noted that "Hologic is the clear leader in the breast imaging market and hits it out of the park with new technology—tomosynthesis. Even Hologic customers who are not using tomosynthesis see the company in a positive light because Hologic has developed and successfully delivered tomosynthesis to the space. For providers looking at digital mammography, Hologic is an obvious place to turn."

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The Value of Breast Tomosynthesis in Clinical Practice

Listen to what six leading U.S. tomosynthesis sites say about tomosynthesis.
Dr. Linver Dr. Michael Linver, X-ray Associates of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dr. Alan Semine
Newton Wellesley Hospital, Newton, Massachusetts
Dr. Robin Skrine
Texas Health, Harris Methodist Hospital, Ft. Worth, Texas
Dr. Katherine Hall
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Texas
Dr. Marte Wasserman
University of Florida and Shands Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida
Tomosynthesis patient video
Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Tomosynthesis Sites in the News

At first glance, Broadlawns Medical Center may not be the hospital you would expect to lead the way with tomosynthesis in Iowa.

A publicly funded, acute care hospital with a large population of low-income patients, Broadlawns' small imaging department was using analog equipment to perform about 2,000 mammograms annually. But the hospital, located in Des Moines, is committed to building a healthier community by delivering accessible, cost-effective and high-quality patient care. So when it came time to replace its analog system, the hospital knew state-of-the-art tomosynthesis was the way to go and installed Hologic's Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis system, becoming one of the first facilities in Iowa to offer the technology.

Broadlawns Mammography
Janis Leeper, Broadlawns' mammographer, says that women are coming from 15 counties across Iowa specifically for the tomosynthesis exam.
“When we began the process of upgrading our breast imaging equipment, we zeroed in on technology that improved the quality of patient care and demonstrated improved efficiencies,” explains Jody Jenner, president and CEO of Broadlawns Medical Center. “We evaluated other tomosynthesis systems, but we were most impressed with the Dimensions system and the Hologic team.”

Since installing the Dimensions system, Broadlawns has more than tripled its mammography volume.

“The word has gotten out that we have this advanced technology,” adds Janis Leeper, R.T.(R)(M), mammographer. “Women are coming from 15 counties in Iowa specifically for the tomosynthesis exam.”

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Technology Focus: Mobile Women's Imaging

Removing Barriers, Increasing Compliance

One of the greatest contributions digital mammography can make is improving access to quality mammography where populations are underserved.

Mobile Women's Technology
Probably the smallest mobile application using digital mammography is in the Catalan Pyrenees Mountains in Spain. A small van was needed to negotiate the winding, narrow mountain roads.

Hologic digital mammography and breast tomosynthesis systems are operating in the mountains of Spain, the North Sea coast of Germany, the deserts of the Middle East, and on Indian reservations across the United States. But mobile mammography coaches are also found more and more in large urban centers where they visit community centers and correctional Institutions, churches and corporations. Women love the convenience and employers love their employees not having to take time off for their annual screening mammogram.

Going mobile with Hologic lets you bring the same powerful digital technology used in hospital settings around the world right to where it's needed most.

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The Women's Center for Radiology in Orlando's digital coach images the employees of Disney World and underserved populations in central Florida.

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Improving the Patient Experience, One Women at a Time
Images for Life
Undergoing a breast biopsy can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety for a woman. That's why Hologic is committed to making minimally invasive breast biopsy the standard of care for women everywhere. Innovation coupled with our focus on quality and customer service has now made Hologic the U.S. leader in providing vacuum-assisted breast biopsy devices.
This special collection of published stories summarizes the views of leading clinicians on the role of Hologic breast biopsy devices in breast disease intervention and treatment.

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Breast Health Research of Interest

Screening Mammo Use Declines 6 Percent Among Women in 40s

Mayo Clinic researchers find that screening mammography decreased 6 percent for women 40 - 49 years old since the 2009 United States Preventive Services Task Force released its recommendations against routine screening for this age group.

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The AMA Recommends Women Age 40 and Older Should Get Annual Mammograms

At their annual meeting in June 2012, the American Medical Association joined the American Cancer Society, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American College of Radiology, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure in favor of annual screening mammography beginning at age 40. The new AMA policy also supports insurance coverage for this screening.

This contradicts the United States Preventive Services Task Force's 2009 mammography recommendations that encouraged annual mammograms beginning at age 50 for biennial screening mammograms for women aged 50 - 74.

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Adding Breast Tomosynthesis to Conventional Mammography Screening Reduced Patient Recall Rates by 40 Percent

Researchers from the Yale University School of Medicine presented their findings at the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) meeting in May. The study of 7,578 screening mammograms found that the recall rate was 6.6 percent for digital breast tomosynthesis plus two-dimensional (2D) screening mammography — 40 percent lower than 2D screening mammography alone.

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Elizabeth Wende Researchers Report that Screening Mammography Is Appropriate for 40- to 49-Year-Old Women Without a Family History of Breast Cancer

Research from Elizabeth Wende Breast Care in Rochester, New York, presented at this year's ARRS meeting reinforce the importance of screening mammography in women 40 - 49 years old — even if these women do not have a relative with a history of breast cancer.

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Tomosynthesis Clinical Case Reviews

Diagnosis of US/MRI-occult Asymptomatic Multifocal Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Using Breast Tomosynthesis

Marte Wasserman, M.D.; Cindy L. Davis, M.D., M.Ed.; Diana L. Edgar, M.D.; Carmela I. Monteiro, M.D., University of Florida College of Medicine—Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida
Tomosynthesis Image
Tomosynthesis LCC (A) and LMLO (B) slices clearly show a spiculated lesion i (circle).
Patient Information
Our patient is an asymptomatic 56-year-old female with no personal history of breast cancer. Her family history is notable for breast cancer diagnosis in her sister at 55 years of age and a maternal great aunt who was post-menopause when diagnosed with breast cancer.

She is G2 P2 with the first pregnancy at age 28 and menarche at age 12. Due to her peri-menopausal symptoms, she has used estrogen HRT for the last 8-10 years. She was recalled from routine annual screening 2D mammography for an ill-defined asymmetry in the left upper breast, seen only on the MLO view, within a background of heterogeneously dense breast tissue.

Imaging Findings
Breast tomosynthesis was performed as part of our current diagnostic protocol using the Hologic Selenia Dimensions unit.

The tomosynthesis CC and MLO images clearly delineate a spiculated mass in the upper mid left breast.

Subsequent targeted ultrasound was performed which revealed normal breast echotexture with no focal abnormality in this region.

Because of the very suspicious nature of this lesion on tomosynthesis, contrast-enhanced breast MRI was performed on a 3T Siemens Trio™, ACR-accredited for breast imaging. No abnormal enhancement was present in either breast, and there was very minimal background glandular enhancement.

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Tomosynthesis Clears Area of Concern but Finds Cancer Not Seen in 2D Mammogram

Edward R. Lipsit, M.D.
Radiologist and President of Washington Radiology Associates, PC, Washington DC
Tomosynthesis Image
Tomosynthesis. LMLO and LCC slices clearly depict the spiculated lesion (circle).
Patient Information
A 60-year-old female presents for a routine screening mammogram. There is significant family history of breast cancer (mother and sister).

Imaging Findings
A 2D mammogram showed an asymmetry in the anterior third of the superior left breast.

At callback, breast tomosynthesis demonstrates the asymmetry to represent normal superimposed tissue; however, the tomosynthesis dataset reveals distortion in the inferior lateral breast that was not apparent on the initial screening study.

Ultrasound confirms there is an irregular 1.1-cm shadowing mass. An ultrasound-guided core biopsy confirms the diagnosis of carcinoma. Post-biopsy magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) indicates a solitary breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Screening with Tomosynthesis Finds Cancers Missed with Conventional 2D Mammography

Stephen L. Rose, M.D.
Medical Director of the Tops Comprehensive Breast Center, Houston, and President and Founder of Houston Breast Imaging, Houston, Texas

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Tomosynthesis Provides a Definitive Picture for Improved Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Linda Greer, M.D.
Medical Director and Radiologist, Breast Health & Research Center
John C. Lincoln Health Network, Phoenix, Arizona

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New White Paper

Edibaldo Silva, M.D., Ph.D., Discusses the Clinical Advantages of the New Trident Specimen Radiography System in a Busy Breast Cancer and General Surgical Oncology Practice

A full-time surgical oncologist at the Olson Center for Women's Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Dr. Silva says that the Trident system is helping the center provide better patient care, a better operative result and an increase in center efficiency.

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Tomo Research of Note

Andrew Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Image Science Group, Advanced Technologies, Hologic Inc.
Virtual Bibliography
Dr. Smith discusses breast tomosynthesis papers and studies of interest on new virtual bibliography.
Visit an online bibliography with selected scientific studies and publications dedicated to breast tomosynthesis narrated by Andrew Smith, Ph.D., tomosynthesis expert and Hologic Vice President of Image Science.

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Upcoming Breast Tomosynthesis Workshops & Symposiums

Practical Considerations in Implementing Breast Tomosynthesis in a Clinical Setting
August 13
AHRA Annual Meeting
Orlando, Florida

Breast Tomosynthesis Workshops for Physicians CME3
Individual full-day sessions
October 26 or 27
Bedford, Massachusetts

Breast Tomosynthesis Workshops for Physicians CME3
Individual full-day sessions
December 5 or 6
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Want to learn more about breast tomosynthesis? Contact us

   Educational Opportunities

Hologic both offers and supports many comprehensive educational programs and events that provide clinicians the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date information in their field and gain hands-on experience on the most technologically advanced tools available in women's health.

The breadth of programs we support are taught by experienced medical professionals and address both the academic as well as the practical aspects of working in women's health.
Basics of Breast Tomosynthesis
August 17
Hologic — Bedford, Massachusetts

Basics of Breast Tomosynthesis
September 7
Hologic — Santa Clara, California

Get a listing of Hologic-supported medical education programs.

Archived Webinars from ICPME3

Bone Densitometry

Breast MRI CASE Series for Radiologists

Breast Tomosynthesis

Prostate Webinar Case Review

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy

1. Bernardi D, Ciatto S, Pellegrini M, et. al. Prospective study of breast tomosynthesis as a triage to assessment in screening. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2012 Jan 22

2. KLAS, "Women's Imaging 2012: Tomosynthesis Makes a Splash," May 2012 © 2012 KLAS Enterprises,LLC www.KLASresearch.com

3. Programs are supported by Hologic with an unrestricted educational grant

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