Cancer screening rates dip with appointments later in day
May 10, 2019 -- Cancer screening rates are lower in patients who see their primary care doctors later in the day compared with patients who see their doctors earlier, according to a new study published online May 10 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
Deep learning finds, segments brain metastases on MRI
May 10, 2019 -- A deep-learning algorithm automatically detected and segmented brain metastases on multisequence MRI, showing potential to help radiologists and radiation oncologists with these tedious and time-consuming tasks, according to research published online May 2 in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Read More
ARRS: Cinematic rendering comes to breast ultrasound
May 9, 2019 -- HONOLULU - Researchers from California produced photorealistic 3D models of the breast by applying cinematic rendering to 3D transmission ultrasound images. The potential clinical applications of these models were the subject of a Wednesday presentation at the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) annual meeting. Read More
Is shared decision-making CT lung screening's Trojan horse?
May 9, 2019 -- Has the requirement that high-risk individuals complete a shared decision-making session with their doctors led to disappointing uptake of CT lung cancer screening? Dr. Frederic W. Grannis Jr. believes so, and, in fact, he sees shared decision-making as a deliberate attempt by opponents of screening to sabotage the exam -- much as the Trojan horse led to the downfall of Troy. Read More
ARRS: DBT makes observation an option for radial scars
May 9, 2019 -- Thanks to the power of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), it may be possible to use observation to follow radial scars on breast images rather than surgically excise them, according to research presented Wednesday at the annual meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) in Honolulu. Read More
MRI faster, cheaper than ultrasound for appendicitis
May 9, 2019 -- It may not be much of a surprise that MRI was faster than ultrasound for evaluating adolescent females presenting with abdominal pain that could be appendicitis in a new study, published online May 4 in Academic Radiology. But the modality was also cheaper when the entire diagnostic pathway was considered. Read More
AI finds radiologists vary in follow-up recommendations
May 9, 2019 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm helped Harvard researchers conclude that radiologists in the same subspecialty division can vary significantly in how often they recommend follow-up imaging examinations, according to an article published online May 7 in Radiology. Read More
6 Steps to Radiology: Part 5 -- Advice for third-year students
May 8, 2019 -- In this fifth installment of our 6 Steps to Radiology series, Drs. Eric England, Carl Flink, and Alisa Kanfi offer third-year medical students practical advice on building strong and necessary relationships with faculty and residents, achieving high marks, and planning for the future. Read More
ARRS: Should CT lung screening programs fear flu season?
May 8, 2019 -- HONOLULU - Is CT lung cancer screening less effective during flu season? Probably not, but screening eligible smokers for respiratory illnesses such as the flu before ordering the exam sharply reduced the need for downstream testing, according to a presentation at the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) annual meeting. Read More
CT tube voltage doesn't affect AI FFR-CT analysis
May 8, 2019 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for estimating fractional flow reserve on coronary CT angiography (FFR-CT) had the same level of performance when used with CT tube voltages of either 100 or 120 kVp, according to research posted online April 30 in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
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