Nonsolid lung nodules carry greater cancer risk in women
November 24, 2015 -- For lung nodules detected on CT, certain types can pose a higher risk of cancer for women than men, according to a study to be presented at the upcoming RSNA 2015 meeting in Chicago. The results indicate that radiologists may want to consider gender when interpreting CT lung screening scans.  Discuss
3D MRI uncovers risk of stroke in asymptomatic diabetics
November 24, 2015 -- 3D MRI has found evidence of intraplaque hemorrhage among diabetics who have no signs of atherosclerotic disease -- a finding that could greatly increase their risk of an adverse vascular event, according to a study scheduled for presentation at RSNA 2015 in Chicago.  Discuss
MRI finds obesity trigger in obese kids
November 24, 2015 -- Functional MRI and functional connectivity MRI have pinpointed regions of the brain that are triggered by the smell of food and influence reactions in obese children, according to a poster presentation scheduled for RSNA 2015 in Chicago.  Discuss
Tomo-CAD combo targets lung cancer screening
November 23, 2015 -- What if you had a lung cancer screening modality that was better than x-ray and nearly as good as CT, but with less radiation and expense? Researchers from Hungary are investigating the idea with a digital tomosynthesis system that they assembled themselves, along with homegrown computer-aided detection (CAD) software.  Discuss
7T MRI with glutamate uncovers epileptic seizure sites
November 23, 2015 -- Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania are reporting early success with a novel imaging technique that uses 7-tesla MRI and the amino acid glutamate as a biomarker to locate epileptic lesions in the brain that conventional MRI and other modalities may miss.  Discuss
FDA says film printing optional for mammography
November 23, 2015 -- In a guidance to mammography facilities, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that printing breast images to hard-copy film is no longer necessary and can be performed at the discretion of individual centers.  Discuss
Ambitious goals drive developers of Explorer PET project
November 20, 2015 -- Buoyed by a five-year, $15.5 million grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, a consortium of researchers has embarked on an ambitious trek to revolutionize PET imaging with the world's first total-body scanner, a system that would employ a half-million PET detectors.  Discuss
Skip abdominal x-ray for pediatric intussusception
November 20, 2015 -- There's no need to use abdominal radiography to diagnose pediatric intussusception -- ultrasound is better, and it does not expose children to radiation, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatric Surgery International.  Discuss
Straight Talk From the PACSman: PACS and proverbs
November 19, 2015 -- Is it ever OK for salespeople to withhold information that could make a difference in meeting customers' needs? Is it the vendor's responsibility to ask all the right questions, or the end user's? PACSman Michael J. Cannavo ponders these questions and more in his latest article.  Discuss
3D images aid selection of heart transplant donors
November 19, 2015 -- Researchers in Arizona are building a virtual library of 3D hearts in a bid to improve the matching process between heart transplant donors and recipients, and to make the best use of the perpetually tight supply of donor organs.  Discuss
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