PSMA-PET matches MRI, beats CT in diagnosing liver cancer
January 23, 2023 -- Prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) PET/CT appears equivalent to MRI and better than CT in diagnosing liver tumors in patients undergoing surveillance imaging, according to a group of Australian researchers. Read More
What's next in cancer imaging?
January 23, 2023 -- It's time for radiology to deliver a higher level of cancer imaging for oncologists, according to Bob Jacobus, CEO of software developer AI Metrics. In a new column, he discusses key challenges and potential solutions. Read More
Opioid exposure negatively affects fetal brain growth
January 20, 2023 -- Exposure to opioids in utero has a negative effect on fetal brain development, a study published January 18 in the American Journal of Roentgenology indicates. Read More
Digital chest x-ray technique improves detection of lung lesions
January 20, 2023 -- Adding bone-suppression functions to digital chest x-ray exams can assist doctors with the detection of subtle pulmonary lesions, according to a research group in Japan. Read More
Combined AI system on par with radiologists for detecting breast cancer
January 20, 2023 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) system that combines mammography and breast ultrasound data is comparable to radiologists for detecting breast cancer in women with dense breasts, according to a study published January 16 in Insights into Imaging. Read More
Education is the catalyst to increased adoption of handheld ultrasound
January 20, 2023 -- Handheld ultrasound has not yet reached mainstream adoption, but the worldwide market is still projected to reach over $500 million by 2026, according to Signify Research's newly published Handheld Ultrasound Deep Dive Report 2022. Read More
Screening mammo numbers rebound big in La. postpandemic
January 19, 2023 -- The COVID-19 pandemic led to sharp declines in screening mammograms among Medicaid beneficiaries in Louisiana, but those numbers rebounded to prepandemic levels, suggests research published January 19 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
Community health advisors improve LDCT lung cancer screening rates
January 19, 2023 -- Community health advisors can increase the uptake of low-dose CT (LDCT) lung cancer screening among populations vulnerable to the disease, a study published January 18 in the Journal of Cancer Education has found. Read More
3D printing method uses MRI to build pediatric urology models
January 19, 2023 -- Researchers from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are highlighting a genitourinary 3D modeling and printing process using post-contrast MRI that they believe can help with pediatric urologic surgical planning. Read More
IMV: Mammography departments expect budgets to grow by nearly 10%
January 19, 2023 -- Mammography departments are anticipating that their current budgets will grow by an estimated 9.7% per year from 2023 through 2025, according to IMV Medical Information Division's 2022 Mammography and Breast Imaging Market Outlook Report. Read More
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