CT, MRI find atherosclerosis in mummy hearts
December 2, 2015 -- CHICAGO - The mummified hearts of upper crust Frenchmen who lived 400 years ago reveal that atherosclerosis was a prevalent disease -- at least among the well-to-do, according to a study presented at RSNA 2015.  Discuss
App-based US, spectral CT pace Philips RSNA launches
December 2, 2015 -- CHICAGO - New technologies being highlighted by Philips Healthcare at RSNA 2015 include its novel Lumify app-based ultrasound model, as well as a CT scanner designed to make spectral scanning more routine.  Discuss
Big-data cloud launch spearheads GE RSNA news
December 2, 2015 -- CHICAGO - The launch of a new service for analyzing healthcare data in the cloud is spearheading the product introductions by GE Healthcare at this week's RSNA 2015 meeting. Other introductions include new ultrasound and CT systems.  Discuss
MRI shows how heart changes during deep dives
December 2, 2015 -- CHICAGO - Cardiac MRI has uncovered the unusual ability of free divers -- who descend hundreds of feet into the ocean while holding their breath -- to develop "compensatory mechanisms" to recover heart function within minutes of breathing again.  Discuss
Coronary CTA yields prognostic boost over CAC
December 2, 2015 -- CHICAGO - In asymptomatic individuals at intermediate risk of coronary artery disease, coronary CT angiography (CCTA) significantly outperformed coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring for predicting cardiac events over 10 years, according to a Tuesday presentation at RSNA 2015. Is it time to think about replacing CAC with CCTA in people at intermediate risk?  Discuss
Breast density alone not a cancer risk factor
December 2, 2015 -- High breast tissue density alone is not a strong independent risk factor for cancer, according to a study presented at this week's RSNA 2015 meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
Ultrasound offers insight into knuckle-cracking debate
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - An audible crack is accompanied by a distinct flash of brightness -- or so it goes when a person cracks his or her knuckles while being scanned via ultrasound, according to researchers from California. They shared their conclusions about the common sound at this week's RSNA meeting.  Discuss
Patients want speedy access to their imaging reports
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - Patients want to access their imaging results quickly via patient portals, and they are also interested in receiving the findings directly from radiologists, according to a presentation on Tuesday at the 2015 RSNA meeting.  Discuss
With tomo, are synthesized 2D images good enough?
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - It seems like a good idea: When using digital breast tomosynthesis, synthesize the 2D mammography images from the tomosynthesis data to reduce radiation dose. But are these images really good enough to replace actual 2D mammography? Researchers addressed this question on Tuesday morning at RSNA 2015.  Discuss
Gaming console might help produce better x-rays
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - The gaming console your children use to destroy alien villains on distant fictional planets may help radiologists improve the quality of x-rays, researchers reported at the annual RSNA conference.  Discuss
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