Might manganese make gadolinium obsolete for MRI scans?
January 10, 2020 -- Could a manganese-based MRI contrast agent provide equivalent MR image quality and help alleviate concerns surrounding the use of gadolinium-based contrast agents? New research indicates that it has some potential.  Discuss
AI can differentiate small renal masses on CT
January 10, 2020 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can accurately differentiate between benign and malignant small solid masses on multiphase contrast-enhanced CT scans, Japanese researchers reported in a study published online January 8 in the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
#MyRadGirlfriend No. 101: So far away
January 10, 2020 -- What happens when global geopolitical events collide with daily life? Andy and Ryan ponder the possibilities in this installment of #MyRadGirlfriend.  Discuss
CT, MRI payments plummet at private practices
January 9, 2020 -- Medicare reimbursement for CT and MRI exams performed at private practices have decreased dramatically over the past decade for radiologists, and even more so for physicians of other specialties, according to an article published in the January issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  Discuss
Are breast density notification laws really working?
January 9, 2020 -- Are breast density notification laws really working to educate women? The laws may not be increasing women's knowledge about the health risks associated with having dense breasts, according to a new study published January 9 in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.  Discuss
Nodules on CT lung screening predict long-term cancer risk
January 9, 2020 -- The presence of noncalcified nodules on CT lung screening exams -- including small, stable nodules -- was associated with increased cancer risk as many as 12 years after baseline screening in a secondary analysis of the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), published in the January issue of Lung Cancer.  Discuss
4D CT sheds light on post-TAVR treatment strategies
January 8, 2020 -- 4D CT scans showed that an anticoagulant-based treatment strategy was more effective than antiplatelet medication at reducing the risk of valve leaflet abnormalities after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) in a recent study, published in the January 9 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.  Discuss
Two MRI indicators predict Fabry disease adverse events
January 8, 2020 -- How can clinicians best use cardiac MRI to identify which patients with Fabry disease are most at risk for an adverse event? The mystery can be solved through two particular assessments, according to a new study published in the January issue of Radiology.  Discuss
U.S. cancer death rate drops again
January 8, 2020 -- Fewer Americans are dying of cancer, and the mortality rate appears to be dropping faster than ever, according to new data released January 9 by the American Cancer Society. Cancer mortality in the U.S. has fallen 29% in the last 26 years, including a sharp 2.2% drop from 2016 to 2017.  Discuss
Personal touch helps with MRI report recommendations
January 8, 2020 -- Direct communication by radiologists with referring clinicians can significantly improve compliance with follow-up recommendations contained in musculoskeletal MRI reports, according to research published online December 30 in the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
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