3D printing gives pediatric heart surgery a boost
November 21, 2018 -- Researchers in the U.S. have created hundreds of individually tailored 3D-printed cardiac models to facilitate presurgical planning for pediatric heart disease. Using these models has helped lower operating times and reduce costs, according to a new article published in 3D Printing in Medicine. Read More
New AI investment fund links radiologists, start-ups
November 21, 2018 -- Two radiologists have launched a new investment fund that aims to bring together radiologists and artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups. With the fund -- called Bold Brain Ventures -- radiologists can both invest in and help develop AI technologies, while AI firms gain access to financial capital and domain expertise. Read More
Ky. bill lets radiologists again read black lung x-rays
November 21, 2018 -- Radiologists in Kentucky would once again be allowed to read x-rays of miners in the black lung screening program under a bill introduced in the state Legislature. The legislation comes amid a surge of black lung cases in Appalachia. Read More
DTI-MRI offers window into Alzheimer's risk
November 21, 2018 -- Diffusion-tensor MRI (DTI-MRI) could become a valuable way to assess a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and rate of cognitive decline, according to a study being presented at the RSNA conference in Chicago. Read More
Screening mammography still good for older women
November 20, 2018 -- Women ages 75 and older should continue to undergo screening mammography if they are in good health, according to a study to be presented at the upcoming RSNA 2018 meeting in Chicago. Read More
Preclinical study shows lingering effect of linear GBCAs
November 20, 2018 -- How do different gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) affect gadolinium retention in the brain? In rats, concentrations of linear GBCAs were several dozen times greater one year after administration than levels of macrocyclic GBCAs, German researchers found in a study published online November 13 in Radiology. Read More
ACS releases blueprint to advance cancer screening
November 20, 2018 -- Current cancer screening efforts have not sufficiently invested in optimizing the use of new discoveries and technology to improve outcomes, according to a report from the American Cancer Society (ACS) published online November 19 in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Read More
Shoulder ultrasound could help diagnose diabetes
November 19, 2018 -- Brightness on ultrasound in the shoulder's deltoid muscle could be an indicator of diabetes or prediabetes, according to a study being presented at the RSNA 2018 meeting in Chicago. Read More
MR spectroscopy offers insight into neonates' brain damage
November 19, 2018 -- Proton MR spectroscopy scans of newborns suspected of having brain damage can hasten an early and accurate diagnosis and help determine if they will have severe developmental issues within two years after they are born, according to a study published online on November 14 in Lancet Neurology. Read More
Canada-U.S. duo wins RSNA pneumonia AI challenge
November 16, 2018 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm written by a Canadian radiologist and a U.S. medical student was awarded first place in the RSNA Pneumonia Detection Challenge, a competition sponsored by the RSNA to foster the development of AI algorithms. Read More
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