Add MRI to breast screening for fewer interval cancers
November 27, 2019 -- In a large Dutch study, using supplemental MRI screening in women with extremely dense breast tissue and normal mammograms resulted in significantly fewer interval cancers than using mammography alone. Read More
Imaging patterns predict gunshot injury readmission rates
November 27, 2019 -- Imaging findings from diagnostic imaging exams could help determine which patients with gunshot injuries are most likely to have future health complications and end up returning to the hospital for additional medical treatment, according to a study to be presented at RSNA 2019 in Chicago. Read More
Micro-CT unveils curious history of ancient manikins
November 27, 2019 -- Long before the advent of modern-day imaging modalities, clinicians used manikins to study medical anatomy. Researchers from Duke University will share how they used micro-CT to uncover the internal features and material composition of these human figurines in a presentation at the RSNA 2019 meeting in Chicago. Read More
Breast ultrasound spots more cancers in dense breasts
November 27, 2019 -- With proper training and experience, breast ultrasound consistently improves detection of node-negative invasive cancer in women with dense breasts on mammography, according to a literature review in the Journal of Breast Imaging. Similar results have been observed after digital breast tomosynthesis. Read More
Naval dental school failed to read 1,800 CBCT scans
November 27, 2019 -- Radiologists at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center's Naval Postgraduate Dental School in Bethesda, MD, failed to examine about 2,000 dental conebeam CT (CBCT) scans during a seven-year period, resulting in at least one treatment delay, according to news reports. Read More
Biennial breast screening associated with advanced cancers
November 26, 2019 -- Women who are screened for breast cancer every two years have more advanced cancers -- as well as more cancers between screening rounds -- than those who are screened annually, according to a study to be presented next week at RSNA 2019 in Chicago. Those treated biennially also generally require more aggressive treatment. Read More
New European guidelines advise biennial screening at 45
November 26, 2019 -- New European guidelines recommend that women be screened for breast cancer from ages 45 to 74 every two to three years because annual screening may be more harmful than beneficial. The guidelines pose a stark contrast to U.S. recommendations, which for the most part recommend annual screening. Read More
How to implement clinical decision support: Part 1
November 26, 2019 -- After years of delays, the era of mandated clinical decision support for ordering advanced imaging studies for Medicare patients is finally at hand. It's time to get ready, according to presentations during a webinar hosted November 21 by the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine. Read More
DTI-MRI links obesity to areas of white-matter damage
November 26, 2019 -- Diffusion-tensor MR images (DTI-MRI) have revealed signs of brain damage in the white matter of overweight children, which could be related to several key inflammatory markers, according to a study scheduled for presentation next week at RSNA 2019 in Chicago. Read More
Focused ultrasound treatment to brain relieves tremors
November 26, 2019 -- Applying treatments of MR-guided focused ultrasound to the brain can be an effective therapy for people with essential tremor, as well as tremor related to Parkinson's disease, according to a study to be presented at RSNA 2019 in Chicago. Read More
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