Mr. Herman Oosterwijk, Msc, MBA

Herman Oosterwijk is president of OTech Inc., a healthcare imaging and IT training and consulting company based in the Dallas, TX, metroplex.

Herman has been involved with PACS for more than 35 years, initially as a PACS product manager working for Philips and Kodak, and for the past 25 years as a teacher/consultant.

He has participated in several DICOM, HL7, and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) working groups and has published more than 10 textbooks and study guides on these topics. He is a frequent blogger, has written more than 200 articles, and speaks at international conferences. Herman has taught in more than 20 countries about PACS, DICOM, HL7, IHE, and FHIR.

A complete CV can be found at his website, as well as the latest seminar and training schedule.

Articles by this author
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