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Hologic's breast tomosynthesis technology was approved in the U.S. in February 2011 and has had CE marking since 2008. It is now available in 48 states and over 50 countries. Over 1 million women have been screened with the technology.
The pathway from technical innovation to accepted clinical practice is long, arduous and costly. Health care professionals who evaluate the potential of new technologies consider many factors—clinical need, technical performance, economic issues, and patient and societal perspectives.

It's especially rewarding when hard work pays off and success stories pour in, as Hologic is seeing with their breast tomosynthesis technology.

This AuntMinnie eBroadcast focuses on recently published stories of clinicians using Hologic's breast tomosynthesis as a screening and diagnostic tool.

Breast Tomosynthesis Finds Cancers Missed by 2D Alone
Weinstein Imaging Associates, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Just weeks after installing a Hologic tomosynthesis system, radiologists at Weinstein Imaging Associates found breast cancers in three patients that were not seen on the 2D images. The entire staff became instant believers in the new technology.
Dr. Bohm-Velez
“In retrospect, we might have seen the larger, 8 mm cancer on the 2D images,” explains Dr. Bohm-Velez, “but the second cancer was extraordinarily subtle — only 3 mm in size — and there is no way we would have seen it on the 2D images.”
In one patient, the 3D images identified two cancers. In two other patients, the first cancers were visible on the 2D images, but the 3D images showed second, smaller cancers that were not seen on 2D.

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Increasing Early Detection While Reducing Unnecessary Recalls
Trentino Health Authority, Trento, Italy

In 2010, Dr. Daniela Bernardi enrolled in a workshop to learn more about breast tomosynthesis. Six months later, the Health Authority installed its first Hologic breast tomosynthesis system.

"We have seen two major benefits since we began using tomosynthesis: an increase in the detection of cancer and a reduction in the number of 2D recalls," explains Dr. Bernardi. "These improvements are very important because we can find cancers earlier, we can spare some women the anxiety of being called back for additional views and we can reduce the expense of recalls."

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Increasing Radiologist Confidence, Finding Cancers Earlier and Reducing Unnecessary Recalls
RadPrax MVZ, a group of private practices in the Bergisch Triangle of Germany

As one of the first radiologists in Germany to use tomosynthesis, Dr. Renate Tewaag's initial interest in the technology began when she saw its potential to improve the diagnostic outcome of mammography for all women, but she was especially interested in its effectiveness in women with dense breast tissue. "Tomosynthesis is a brilliant tool for identifying and studying suspicious structures hidden in dense glandular tissue," comments Dr. Tewaag. "In that way it gives us more confidence in our diagnosis."

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In India, Tomosynthesis Makes a Difference for Radiologists and Patients
Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital, Chennai, India

Dr. Bagyam Raghavan, Senior Consultant Radiologist at Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital in Chennai, India, knew in 2008 that tomosynthesis would have a dramatic impact on the care she and her colleagues would be able to deliver to the patients the hospital serves. So, when the hospital began planning to replace its analog mammography equipment, it chose to wait for the state-of-the-art, three-dimensional technology to become available.

Dr. Bagyam and her team of ten radiologists use tomosynthesis for diagnostic work-ups. "Our patients are all symptomatic; they are referred to us for diagnostic workup when lesions are seen on their mammograms. Tomosynthesis gives us additional value in terms of improved diagnostic capabilities; we've also found that we are doing far fewer spot views. More patients are coming to us because they know we have this technology."

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Pioneer in Breast Tomosynthesis Sees Its Potential Fulfilled
The University of Erlangen, Nuremberg, Germany

Professor Rudiger Schulz-Wendtland is an internationally recognized authority on breast imaging and interventional oncology. His radiology department sees over 20,000 patients and treats 700 primary breast carcinomas every year. The facility began doing digital mammography in 1996 and in 2012 installed its first Hologic tomosynthesis system.

Professor Schulz-Wendtland says, "My belief, based on my own experience and many conversations with radiologists, gynecologists and surgeons around the world, is that tomosynthesis will become an integral part of routine breast imaging. Tomosynthesis is an exciting breakthrough which my team believes will lead to significant improvements in breast cancer detection rates."

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Dutch Hospital Sees Higher Level of Confidence, Reduction of False Positives Using Breast Tomosynthesis
Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital (CWZ), Nijmegen, Netherlands

For Dr. Dick Venderink tomosynthesis provides a higher level of confidence. He says the radiologists at CWZ are finding more tumors, but also, and more importantly, saying with increased confidence that what we see is not a tumor.

Dr. Venderink has been using tomosynthesis for diagnostic imaging since 2008, when the breast unit at CWZ became the first facility in the Netherlands and one of the first in Europe to install a Hologic breast tomosynthesis system.

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Breast Tomosynthesis Helps Small Radiology Center Compete and Grow
Miravete Diagnostic Radiology Center, Zaragoza, Spain

Dr. Paula Martinez Miravete didn't set out to change breast imaging in Spain when she first adopted tomosynthesis. The sole radiologist at a small diagnostic imaging center in Zaragoza, Spain, Dr. Martinez Miravete was looking for new imaging technologies that would help improve the accuracy of her diagnoses. She wanted to find breast cancer earlier, when it was more treatable, and she wanted to save women the anxiety of unnecessary recalls.
Dr. Martinez Miravete
Dr. Martinez Miravete credits tomosynthesis with helping her make more accurate diagnoses
When she learned about breast tomosynthesis and saw the technology in practice, she knew it was the answer. In 2011, Dr. Martinez Miravete installed a Hologic system, becoming the second radiologist in Spain to adopt tomosynthesis.

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Using Tomosynthesis to Accurately Target Lesions, Shorten Procedure Time and Lower Dose
The Medical Imaging Center at the Hopital Prive d'Antony, Paris, France

When the Medical Imaging Center implemented tomosynthesis in 2009, its staff realized it would lead to the emergent need to use tomosynthesis imaging for biopsies.
Dr. Pierre Gignier and Mrs. Corine Roche
Dr. Pierre Gignier and Mrs. Corine Roche, Technologist, with the Affirm breast biopsy guidance system used on the Hologic tomosynthesis system
"When we find a suspicious lesion with tomosynthesis, which we could not see on 2D, we need to use the same imaging modality to biopsy the lesion," explains radiologist Dr. Pierre Gignier. "If we try to perform the biopsy with digital mammography, we sometimes cannot visualize the lesion or find it very challenging to locate, making targeting more difficult, if not impossible."

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Tomosynthesis in the News

Hologic Takes 3D Mammography on the Road to Promote the Latest in Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Hologic, in partnership with Armor Mobile Systems, will take Hologic's breast tomosynthesis technology on a yearlong, cross country tour in a new mobile mammography coach.
3D Mobile Mammogram
Hologic's "More Accurate Mammogram: The 3D Tour," will visit cities from coast-to-coast over a 12 month period promoting the new technology.
Calling the tour, "A More Accurate Mammogram: The 3D Tour," the coach will visit cities from coast-to-coast over a 12 month period promoting the new technology.

Hologic's tomosynthesis technology offers radiologists a more detailed, accurate picture of the breast than conventional 2D mammography. 2D plus 3D combined in the same exam significantly improves early detection while reducing false positives and unnecessary call backs by as much as 40 percent.

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Hologic to Showcase Breast Tomosynthesis Technology at the European Congress of Radiology March 7–11th

Hologic will display an extensive suite of healthcare solutions for breast cancer screening and diagnosis, breast biopsy, osteoporosis risk assessment, medical MRI coils, and extremity imaging at the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology in Vienna, Austria.

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is the largest radiological meeting in Europe, attracting over 20,000 participants representing the medical specialty of radiology throughout Europe and many other countries of the world.

One of Hologic's newest product highlights will be the introduction of the new tomosynthesis biopsy option for the Affirm breast biopsy guidance system. Synthesized 2D images created using the latest version of Hologic's C-View software and Hologic's Selenia Dimensions 2D screening Package will also be on display at the Congress.

Hologic will host a number of special tomosynthesis events to build support for the benefits of the revolutionary technology:

A special ECR Satellite Symposium, "Celebrating the Evolution of Tomosynthesis," on Saturday, March 9 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. in the Austria Center Vienna, Room C. The symposium will focus on:
The Oslo Tomosynthesis Screening Trial Results - Per Skaane, Professor Dr. Med., Oslo University Hospital Ullevaal, Oslo, Norway
Initial Experience with Tomosynthesis-guided Biopsy - Dr. Daniela Bernardi, Division U.O. Senologia Clinica e Screening Mammografico, Dipartimento di Radioliagnostica, Trento, Italy
A Review of the Evolution of Breast Tomosynthesis - Andrew Smith, Ph.D., Hologic, Inc., Bedford, Mass., USA
Nine 75-minute breast tomosynthesis education sessions from March 7th thru the 10th. Each session includes hands-on experience reading breast tomosynthesis images in combination with conventional and synthesized 2D images.
Twelve tomosynthesis-guided breast biopsy training workshops. Each workshop will include an overview of the first clinical experiences with vacuum-assisted breast biopsies guided by tomosynthesis prior to a demonstration of a phantom procedure. There will be time at the end of each session for hands-on training.

For additional information and registration information, please email Tomoinfo@hologic.com.

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Learn more about Breast Tomosynthesis


3D Mammography for Patients

Written for patients and their doctors, Hologic3D.com is an easy new way to promote public awareness and educate patients about 3D mammography. The site contains a zip code based site finder, information on when to be screened, and current articles, videos, white papers and press releases on breast tomosynthesis.

Breast Tomosynthesis for Doctors, Administrators and Technologists

Redesigned and totally updated, BreastTomo.com contains the latest informational available on the clinical and business benefits of breast tomosynthesis.

Archived Webinars from ICPME on Tomosynthesis (YouTube)
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Case Study: Calcifications, Lymph Nodes, and Stable Masses
Linda Greer, MD
John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center – Deer Valley Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Case Study: Occult Radial Scar, ILC in Fatty Breast Tissue
Linda Greer, MD
John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center – Deer Valley Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Case Study: Breast Tomosynthesis May Reduce False Positives
Stephen Rose, MD
Houston Breast Imaging, Houston, Texas

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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Case Study: Fatty-Replaced Breast
Stephen Rose, MD
Houston Breast Imaging, Houston, Texas

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Clinical Studies on Breast Tomosynthesis Technology Strongly Supports Its Use in Screening and Diagnostics
Breast tomosynthesis technology continues to get significant attention in the scientific community. Download a bibliography of over 100 published studies. Click here for a series of cases where tomosynthesis made a significant difference in patient outcomes.

Want to learn more about breast tomosynthesis?
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   Educational Opportunities

Hologic both offers and supports many comprehensive educational programs and events that provide clinicians the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date information in their field and gain hands-on experience on the most technologically advanced tools available in women's health.

The programs we support are taught by experienced medical professionals and address both the academic as well as the practical aspects of working in women's health.
Archived Webinars from ICPME*

Bone Densitometry

Breast MRI CASE Series for Radiologists

Breast Tomosynthesis

Prostate Webinar Case Review

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy

Learn more about Hologic Medical Education offerings.

Upcoming Breast Tomosynthesis Workshops & Symposiums

Breast Tomosynthesis Workshops for Physicians CME*
Individual full-day sessions
March 7, 2013 (adjacent to BI3 — 2013 Conference)
Las Vegas, Nevada

Breast Tomosynthesis Workshops for Physicians CME*
Individual full-day sessions
March 23, 24, or 25, 2013
New York, New York

Breast Tomosynthesis Interpretation Workshops for Physicians CME*
Individual full-day sessions
April 27-28
Chicago, Illinois
Hologic Live Technologist Training

Positioning in Mammography Matters & Radiation Concerns
April 11, 2013
Bedford, Massachusetts

Understanding Breast Tomosynthesis
April 12, 2013
Bedford, Massachusetts

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy: Prone & Upright Procedural Tracks
April 18, 2013
Bedford, Massachusetts

The Basics of Breast Tomosynthesis
April 20, 2013
Santa Clara, California

Master DXA: Workshops to Improve Your Skills & Grow Your Practice
May 9, 2013
Bedford, Massachusetts

Breast MRI Course for Technologists
May 11, 2013
Bedford, Massachusetts

Click here for more information or to register for the above courses.

Live ACR Training

Breast Imaging Boot Camp
April 18-20
Reston, Virginia

Breast MR with Guided Biopsy
April 29-30
Reston, Virginia

For additional information and registration information please email Tomoinfo@hologic.com
Other Upcoming Hands on Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography) Workshops:

7-11 — Vienna, Austria (ECR)
20-21 — Tel Aviv, Isreal
29-31 — SuZhou, JiangSu Province, China (Digital Mammography only)

4 — London, UK
5-6 — Helsinki, Finland
11-12 — Bordeaux, France
19-21 — German (Erlangen Congress)
25-26 — Castricum, Netherlands
29-May 1 — Sao Paulo, Brazil

To register and for program details, please contact tomo.courses@hologic.com. In your note, be sure to indicate the course date and location of interest.
*Programs are supported by Hologic with an unrestricted educational grant.

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