2D shear-wave elastography diagnoses cirrhosis
December 19, 2018 -- 2D shear-wave elastography is an effective tool for ruling out liver fibrosis or cirrhosis in people with chronic liver disease, German researchers wrote in a study published online December 11 in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.  Discuss
Ultrasound options abound for diagnosing liver disease
December 12, 2018 -- When it comes to ultrasound, radiologists have a number of options for effectively diagnosing advanced fibrosis in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease -- as well as "mapping" liver stiffness and tracking liver cancer treatment, according to research delivered at the RSNA 2018 meeting.  Discuss
Ultrasound after DBT obviates diagnostic 2D mammo
December 5, 2018 -- Performing a diagnostic mammogram to assess suspicious masses found on digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) may not be necessary if ultrasound is available, according to a new study published online on November 29 in the British Journal of Radiology. Researchers found that ultrasound is 98% effective for further assessing masses found on DBT screening exams.  Discuss
Elastography works for diagnosing soft-tissue lesions
December 4, 2018 -- Shear-wave elastography (SWE) boosts diagnostic accuracy when compared with ultrasound alone or ultrasound with MRI for diagnosing soft-tissue lesions initially believed to be benign, according to a study published online November 27 in Radiology.  Discuss
Carotid ultrasound scans prompt behavior change
December 3, 2018 -- Showing people signs of atherosclerosis on their own carotid ultrasound scans can prompt them to adopt lifestyle changes that reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a new study of more than 3,500 individuals published December 3 in the Lancet.  Discuss
Trust MRgFUS for prostate cancer ablation
November 30, 2018 -- MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) is a viable tool for prostate cancer ablation, according to research presented this week at the annual RSNA meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
US screening data from Fukushima shed light on thyroid cancer in kids
November 29, 2018 -- The latest results of mass ultrasound screening of children for thyroid cancer after the Fukushima disaster were published online on November 29 by JAMA Otolaryngology -- Head & Neck Surgery. The study provides vital data on thyroid cancer and may lead to growing demands outside of Japan for more ultrasound scans in younger people, increasing the risk of overdiagnosis, experts have warned.  Discuss
BI-RADS 4C or 5 on ultrasound? Go directly to biopsy
November 29, 2018 -- CHICAGO - Directly scheduling biopsy is an appropriate course of action for breast lesions categorized as BI-RADS 4C and 5 on screening ultrasound, according to research presented on Tuesday at the annual RSNA meeting.  Discuss
CAD helps less-experienced rads diagnose thyroid cancer
November 28, 2018 -- CHICAGO - Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) technology helps radiologists of different experience levels better identify malignant thyroid nodules on ultrasound images, according to research presented on Monday at the RSNA meeting.  Discuss
US-guided breast cryoablation offers new treatment option
November 28, 2018 -- Ultrasound-guided cryoablation shows promise as a new tool for treating breast cancers that are detected early and considered to be low-risk, according to research presented on Wednesday at the RSNA 2018 meeting.  Discuss