fMRI links key brain regions between sleep and depression
July 26, 2018 -- Functional MRI (fMRI) scans have helped open researchers' eyes to which brain regions provide the primary connections and associations between poor sleep quality and depression, according to a study published online July 25 in JAMA Psychiatry.  Discuss
MRI matches CT for appendicitis -- and without radiation
July 24, 2018 -- When used to diagnose and confirm cases of acute appendicitis in the emergency department, MRI can provide the same efficacy as CT without the risk of radiation exposure for patients, according to a study published in the August issue of Radiology. The findings support the use of MRI first for some patients.  Discuss
CSF may be gadolinium's route to the brain
July 20, 2018 -- A study published in the August issue of Radiology offers further evidence of a mechanism for gadolinium deposition in the brain after the administration of MRI contrast. Researchers detected gadolinium accumulation in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) -- even in patients with an undamaged blood-brain barrier and normal renal function.  Discuss
Cardiac MRI offers prognosis for hard-to-find infarctions
July 18, 2018 -- Cardiac MRI can play a critical role in helping to determine which patients suspected of having stable coronary artery disease could have an unrecognized myocardial infarction and an increased risk of an adverse cardiac event, according to a study published online recently in PLOS One.  Discuss
MRI links iron in the brain to multiple sclerosis
July 17, 2018 -- Lower levels of iron in the thalamus as seen on MRI scans of people with multiple sclerosis are a strong indication that the disease will progress and lead to greater disability, according to a study published online July 17 in Radiology.  Discuss
MRI scans show neckties cut blood flow to brain
July 5, 2018 -- You now have another reason to hate neckties. German researchers using MRI discovered that neckties can constrict blood flow to the brain, according to a study published online June 30 in Neuroradiology.  Discuss
MRI links inflammation to cognitive decline
July 3, 2018 -- Using MRI, researchers have found that chronic inflammation measured by a biomarker in the blood of middle- to late-age adults could be linked to visible white-matter damage in the brain and related poor cognition and dementia, according to a study in the August issue of Neurobiology of Aging.  Discuss
MRI brain scans show benefits of prenatal folic acid
July 3, 2018 -- MRI scans show that adolescents whose mothers received food enriched with folic acid while they were pregnant have enhanced brain development and a reduced risk of psychosis and other mental illnesses as they progress toward adulthood, according to a study published online July 3 in JAMA Psychiatry.  Discuss
Are patients with cardiac devices missing out on MRI?
July 2, 2018 -- Many patients who have older implanted cardiac devices are not getting brain and spine MRI scans, even though recent studies have shown that MRI can be safely performed on people with these legacy devices. That's according to a new article published July 2 in JAMA Neurology.  Discuss
Macrocyclic GBCA shows no signal increase in kids
June 29, 2018 -- Five or more doses of the macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agent (GBCA) gadobutrol resulted in no increase in T1-weighted signal-intensity ratios in the globus pallidus or dentate nucleus of pediatric patients, a sign of no gadolinium deposition in these patients, according to a June 26 paper in Radiology.  Discuss