RSNA 2017 CT Preview

Low- or standard-dose CT for diagnosing appendicitis?

By Abraham Kim, staff writer

November 2, 2017 --

Monday, November 27 | 3:40 p.m.-3:50 p.m. | SSE09-05 | Room E353B
In this afternoon session, South Korean researchers will compare the diagnostic performance of low-dose CT with standard-dose CT for appendicitis in all age groups.

CT is widely considered the modality of choice in patients with suspected appendicitis, but the increased use has resulted in a concurrent increase in radiation exposure, Dr. Hee Mang Yoon from the University of Ulsan told

"Many researchers have studied low-dose CT scanning in suspected appendicitis," he said. "However, the diagnostic performance of low-dose CT has not yet been systematically evaluated."

The researchers performed a systematic review and diagnostic meta-analysis of 14 original studies using low-dose CT on 3,262 patients. Among the 11 studies directly comparing low-dose (1.8 mSv) with standard-dose (7.9 mSv) CT, all of them demonstrated comparable sensitivity and specificity in the diagnosis of appendicitis, and no significant differences (p = 0.41) were reported.

"Low-dose CT achieved an effective dose reduction of 78%," Yoon said. "Interestingly, diagnostic performance did not change whether or not intravenous contrast agents were used."