By Erik L. Ridley, AuntMinnie staff writer

November 9, 2015 --

Wednesday, December 2 | 12:45 p.m.-1:15 p.m. | PD236-SD-WEB2 | Lakeside Learning Center, Station 2
In this poster presentation, a group from Duke University will share how the use of Google Analytics helped target improvements for the Image Gently website.

The Image Gently website has been in existence for eight years, and while the researchers believed it had been helpful in the Image Gently Alliance's mission, data to support that belief are necessary and would be meaningful, according to senior author Dr. Donald Frush.

"Google Analytics provides an opportunity to analyze the website dialogue between users and the alliance," Frush said. "This information would help us determine global activity and other user details and the impact of educational content based on site activity, and sculpt the website format, focusing on more visited content, for example."

Google Analytics did indeed provide useful feedback regarding website activity, Frush said. Targeted campaigns -- such as the dental campaign in September 2014 -- resulted in a significant increase in activity. News such as the potential connection between CT exams in children and the development of cancer also resulted in a spike in visits, demonstrating the importance of the website as a public resource, he said.

"With a redesign of the website in January 2014, activity approximately doubled, indicating that format is critical in the effectiveness of the efforts at education and advocacy," Frush told "Because of this, resources can be directed to fortifying the more common areas of content such as CT protocols and technologist education."