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  • 2nd MRI center reports problems with Apple devices
    A second imaging facility is reporting problems with Apple devices that appear to be related to the operation of the center's MRI scanner. Nearly 10 late-model Apple iPhones and Watches were permanently disabled at a Delaware center after it ramped down its MRI magnet.

  • Breast density advocate Cappello dies
    Breast density advocate Nancy Cappello, PhD, died on November 15 due to complications related to a late-occurring side effect of breast cancer treatment. Cappello was instrumental in passing the first state breast density notification law and in raising awareness of the relationship between breast tissue density and cancer risk.

  • Are medical students avoiding radiology because of AI?
    Are some medical students choosing not to pursue radiology as their specialty due to concerns over the potential effects of artificial intelligence (AI)? The answer appears to be yes, according to results from a survey of Canadian medical students published online November 11 in Academic Radiology.

  • Can 7-tesla MRI make the transition to clinical prime time?
    Is 7-tesla MRI ready to stake its claim in the radiology department? Currently, three institutions in the U.S. have begun using 7-tesla magnets for clinical applications, but mostly for neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. The challenge now is showing how much more 7-tesla MRI can contribute to patient care.

  • Despite AI's rise, big iron will be big draw at RSNA 2018
    Despite the recent rise of artificial intelligence (AI), big iron will be the big draw for many attendees at the upcoming RSNA 2018 meeting, according to a new study by market research and consulting firm Paragon Consulting Partners. In particular, MRI and ultrasound will be hot technologies in Chicago.

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