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Computers may be taking over some basic radiology tasks sooner than we think, according to a webinar this week featuring Dr. Bradley Erickson, PhD, and hosted by the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM).

Dr. Erickson believes that artificial intelligence tools like deep-learning algorithms could begin performing basic radiology tasks such as mammography and chest x-rays in the next five years, and they'll be analyzing most radiology exams in the next 20 years.

Dr. Erickson's position offers a counterpoint to that of Dr. Eliot Siegel, who in a SIIM webinar in July pointed out a number of reasons why he believes that artificial intelligence may take longer to catch on than expected. But both agree that artificial intelligence doesn't pose a realistic threat to radiologists' jobs.

Learn more about Dr. Erickson's talk by clicking here, or visit our Imaging Informatics Community at informatics.auntminnie.com.

More gadolinium concerns

Meanwhile, there's another new study raising concerns about residual gadolinium in the brain following MRI contrast administration.

Researchers from New York City analyzed the medical records of a small group of patients who received a large number of gadolinium contrast administrations -- a mean of 43 exams. They found signs of residual gadolinium enhancement on unenhanced MRI exams in the same brain regions seen in other research studies.

Yet, like other studies, they found no evidence of a clinical effect from the residual gadolinium -- a baffling development that has confounded researchers. Learn more by clicking here.

While you're in our MRI Community, click here for a story on how an MRI-based technique used by international soccer authorities to verify player age for youth tournaments is coming into question after two dozen players on the Nigerian team were disqualified before a big competition in Africa.

These stories and more can be found at mri.auntminnie.com.

Last chance for Minnies nominations

The window is closing on your chance to nominate a colleague for an award in the Minnies, AuntMinnie.com's annual event recognizing excellence in radiology. Our nomination period closes at midnight on August 21, so be sure to get over to minnies.auntminnie.com and let us know who you think deserves recognition!

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