Kopans: TMIST trial design is biased against DBT
June 30, 2021 -- The design of the Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (TMIST) may be less favorable toward digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and may have unintended consequences for women's health, according to Dr. Daniel Kopans of Harvard University in an analysis published June 24 in Clinical Imaging. Read More
More green space may not lead to better bone health
June 29, 2021 -- For older adults living near Hong Kong's green space, the grass may not be greener -- at least in terms of bone health. A recent study found that participants who lived closer to the city's green space actually had lower levels of bone health. Read More
Public interest in mammograms decreased during COVID pandemic
June 28, 2021 -- While many medical societies recommend annual mammography screenings for women ages 40 and older, public interest in mammograms and breast cancer varies by geography and has been affected by COVID-19, according to two recent studies. Read More
Multiple factors influence women's risk of benign breast diseases
June 25, 2021 -- As screening mammography technology continues to improve, the detection of benign breast disease has increased -- making it all the more important that clinicians understand the factors that boost a woman's chances of developing these diseases, according to a Swedish study published on June 25 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
Investigation highlights midwife's failure to read ultrasound scans
June 24, 2021 -- A patient had to make an agonizing decision to terminate her first pregnancy at 25 weeks after a midwife said she was too busy to read two ultrasound exams showing serious fetal abnormalities, according to a report issued on June 21 by the New Zealand authorities. The problems with the pregnancy could have been picked up a month earlier, they found. Read More
What factors affect radiologists' mammography interpretations?
June 22, 2021 -- It's no secret that radiologists' interpretive accuracy on screening mammography can vary widely. But the particular factors that influence performance may come as a surprise, according to a study published June 22 in Radiology. Read More
ACR's new breast cancer screening guidance focuses on minority women
June 21, 2021 -- The American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Society of Breast Imaging on June 18 released updated screening mammography guidance in the Journal of the American College of Radiology -- once again stressing the importance of annual exams starting at age 40. Read More
Elastography helpful in breast microcalcification cases
June 21, 2021 -- Shear-wave elastography could be useful in helping decide whether women undergoing breast screening should receive a second biopsy or excision when it comes to suspicious microcalcifications, according to research published June 11 in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. Read More
Does chest CT have a role in breast imaging?
June 18, 2021 -- Chest CT isn't usually associated with breast cancer detection, but maybe it should be: The modality can identify incidental, suspicious breast lesions in women undergoing the exam for other reasons, and many of these lesions are malignant, according to a study published June 14 in Breast. Read More
Breast MRI finds more recurrent cancer
June 18, 2021 -- Breast MRI does a better job than mammography in detecting recurring cancer in women who have undergone breast conservation therapy, according to a study published June 11 in Plos One. Read More
Special Feature
Should breast ultrasound scans after COVID vaccines be postponed?

When using ultrasound to follow up on suspicious breast masses in patients who just got a second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, it may be wise to postpone scans to between 12 and 16 weeks to reduce unnecessary biopsies, according to research published in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read more

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