Mammo AI software yields workflow, economic benefits
March 12, 2019 -- A computer-aided detection (CAD) algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI) proved to be better than traditional CAD in helping radiologists detect breast cancer. The AI-based CAD could also improve efficiency and increase revenues, according to research presented at ECR 2019 in Vienna. Read More
JNCI: Breast screening AI software equals radiologists
March 7, 2019 -- Artificial intelligence (AI)-based software can detect cancer on screening mammography studies as accurately as an average breast radiologist, according to research published online March 5 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI). But it could not beat the best radiologists in the study. Read More
Dedicated breast CT shows promise for cancer screening
March 6, 2019 -- A dedicated breast CT scanner that features a photon-counting detector produces high-quality images at a low radiation dose. The findings indicate that the CT scanner could be a useful tool for breast cancer screening, according to a study published online March 2 in Investigative Radiology. Read More
DBT is well-positioned as successor in European breast screening
March 6, 2019 -- Digital mammography is indisputably the most established breast screening technology across Europe. However, issues continue to challenge its use for screening, and vendors have developed technology that could offer an alternative. Stephen Holloway reviews these emerging products and assesses their potential impact and market viability in the context of breast screening in Europe. Read More
ABUS better than DBT for diagnostic workup
March 5, 2019 -- Automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) is more accurate than digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) as a diagnostic tool for working up positive findings on mammography screening in dense breast tissue, according to a presentation delivered at ECR 2019. Read More