Mednax to sell off radiology business
June 5, 2020 -- Beset by massive declines in procedure volume due to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare provider Mednax announced June 5 that it is restructuring the company in a plan that includes selling off its radiology business. The company plans to return its focus to pediatrics and obstetrics services.  Discuss
Breast imagers can help identify women for genetic testing
June 4, 2020 -- It is crucial for breast imaging professionals to recognize patients with an increased risk for hereditary breast cancer who could benefit from genetic testing, according to an article published on May 29 in Radiographics.  Discuss
Young women have unique breast cancer characteristics
June 2, 2020 -- Women under the age of 40 are more likely than older patients to have breast cancers diagnosed at a later stage and more aggressive tumor types, according to research published on May 22 for the 2020 American Society of Breast Surgeons virtual meeting.  Discuss
MRI aids discovery of new pregnancy contraction
May 28, 2020 -- Researchers using MRI to study blood flow through the placenta discovered a new type of contraction during pregnancy. The authors described the characteristics of the aptly named "utero-placental pump" in a study published on May 28 in PLOS Biology.  Discuss
Breast MRI's better cancer detection outweighs false-positive 'harm'
May 28, 2020 -- Breast MRI can produce more false positives on initial screening in women at higher cancer risk -- an outcome many consider a "harm" -- but patients and their doctors may decide this is justified by the modality's higher cancer detection rate, according to a study published May 15 in Clinical Imaging.  Discuss
Years later, DCIS tied to more imaging but not anxiety
May 26, 2020 -- In the five years after treatment, women with a history of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) are more likely than their peers to undergo breast imaging but not to have anxiety or depression, according to the findings of a study published on May 8 in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.  Discuss
6-month follow-up effective for BI-RADS 3 mammo findings
May 19, 2020 -- A six-month surveillance imaging appointment appears effective for women with BI-RADS 3 findings following routine screening mammography, according to the results of a large, long-term study published on May 19 in Radiology.  Discuss
Initially hiding CAD findings could improve mammography
May 15, 2020 -- The performance of computer-aided detection (CAD) software for breast cancer screening could be improved by initially hiding CAD findings from radiologists as they review images, according to the findings of a small study published on May 7 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.  Discuss
Women want breast cancer risk info from radiologists
May 14, 2020 -- Many women want to learn about their risk status for breast cancer from a face-to-face meeting with the radiologist who interpreted their screening mammograms, according to the findings of a study published on May 3 in Academic Radiology.  Discuss
The impact of COVID-19 on breast cancer management -- and a path forward
May 13, 2020 -- COVID-19 has forced restrictions and delays of breast screening, diagnostic exams, and surgical procedures at hospitals and breast centers across the country. This is causing an unprecedented disruption in the diagnosis and treatment of the 325,000 projected cases of breast cancer in 2020.  Discuss