Breast MRI screening use is up, but is it appropriate?
October 1, 2020 -- More women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer are getting regular screening with MRI. But a particular subpopulation -- those with BRCA mutations -- continue to be underscreened, according to a study published September 28 in the journal Cancer.  Discuss
Synthetic DBT images could replace digital mammo
September 25, 2020 -- A new, 200,000-patient review suggests that 2D images reconstructed from digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) may be able to adequately replace digital mammograms. The Canadian team behind the paper published their findings on September 23 in the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
Notification laws may not lead to more breast screening
September 25, 2020 -- Breast density notification laws may not prompt mammography facilities to offer additional screening services. A North Carolina survey found that fewer than two-thirds of breast imaging locations offered supplemental screening for women with dense breasts, according to a September 14 study in Cancer.  Discuss
Can you trust YouTube videos on mammography?
September 24, 2020 -- With more and more patients turning to digital media, particularly YouTube, for the answers to their mammography-related questions, are the videos made by knowledgeable people rising to the top? Or are they getting buried? A new study suggests the latter: Quality mammography videos are not reaching the majority of YouTube viewers.  Discuss
Language matters when screening women with dense breasts
September 23, 2020 -- Until we change how we talk about dense breast screenings, we will not make headway in providing access to this essential test to all women with dense tissue. That's according to Andrea Wolf of the Brem Foundation to Defeat Breast Cancer.  Discuss
Radiation tied to breast cancer delays for Black women
September 21, 2020 -- Black women with breast cancer may be more likely to experience treatment delays and longer treatment times than white women, according to the findings of a study published on September 21 in Cancer. This was particularly true for Black women who opted for radiation as part of their treatment.  Discuss
Women with DCIS have 3x the risk of breast cancer death
September 17, 2020 -- A new study adds weight to the belief that ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is a life-threatening condition. Women with DCIS had rates of death from breast cancer three times greater than the general population, according to research published on September 16 in JAMA Network Open.  Discuss
Do breast screening guidelines overlook Black women?
September 10, 2020 -- Guidelines that recommend breast screening beginning at age 50 could leave Black women at a disadvantage, according to a September 4 review in the Journal of Breast Imaging. Black women were more likely to develop breast cancers in their 40s -- and to have more aggressive forms of the disease.  Discuss
Ultrasound vs. mammo: What's best for lactating women?
September 3, 2020 -- Ultrasound may be the ideal imaging modality for evaluating palpable breast masses in lactating women, according to the results of a September 1 study in Radiology. For breastfeeding patients, targeted ultrasound identified just as many cancers as mammography with fewer false-positive findings.  Discuss
Breast MRI led to COVID-19 treatment for English woman
September 3, 2020 -- A 68-year-old English woman was treated for a likely case of COVID-19 after a radiologist spotted unusual pulmonary findings on an MRI scan for breast cancer staging. The team behind the case published a report in the September print issue of Radiology Case Reports.  Discuss