MRI tracks brain damage caused by COVID-19
June 12, 2020 -- Hospitalized patients with COVID-19 should undergo an MRI exam before being discharged to determine whether they have sustained brain damage from the virus, according to researchers from Johns Hopkins University who published a study June 10 in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.  Discuss
New DWI-MRI protocol looks promising for breast imaging
June 8, 2020 -- A promising new protocol for diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI-MRI) resulted in better image quality and improved signal-to-noise ratio for breast lesions in a prospective study published online on May 29 in Radiology: Imaging Cancer.  Discuss
Contrast MRI helps radiologists identify ectopic pregnancy
June 8, 2020 -- Contrast-enhanced MRI can help less experienced radiologists identify implantation sites of ectopic pregnancy, according to a study published in the July issue of Clinical Radiology.  Discuss
Functional, diffusion MRI could benefit from AI
June 8, 2020 -- For a variety of reasons, functional and diffusion MRI haven't been particularly hot research areas for artificial intelligence (AI). But these advanced imaging modalities do offer a ripe opportunity, according to a presentation at the virtual 2020 American Society of Neuroradiology meeting.  Discuss
Iranian team presents COVID-19 pediatric stroke case
June 3, 2020 -- A team of researchers from Iran on June 2 published a case study in Radiology that describes incidence of stroke in a child with COVID-19. The case addresses the knowledge gap regarding how SARS-CoV-2 enters the central nervous system and affects the brain.  Discuss
What's the best way to image COVID-19?
June 3, 2020 -- Researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City have released an overview of imaging modalities used to diagnose and manage COVID-19 pneumonia, trends to watch in artificial intelligence, and a description of nonchest complications from the disease. The review was published June 1 in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging.  Discuss
AI can handle quality assessment of 3D cardiac MRI
June 2, 2020 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can automatically assess image quality on 3D whole-heart cardiac MR images, achieving results similar to a human expert, according to research published online May 27 in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence.  Discuss
New MRI scoring criterion helps diagnose prion disease
June 1, 2020 -- A new diffusion MRI scoring scale could improve diagnosis of the prion malady sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (sCJD) and compares favorably to cerebrospinal fluid testing, according to a study published June 1 in JAMA Neurology.  Discuss
MRI reveals brain changes in technologist with COVID-19
June 1, 2020 -- MRI scans of a 25-year-old Italian radiologic technologist who contracted COVID-19 and lost her sense of smell suggest the virus may invade the brain through the olfactory pathway and cause dysfunction of sensorineural origin. This finding was published online by JAMA Neurology on May 29.  Discuss
MRI aids discovery of new pregnancy contraction
May 28, 2020 -- Researchers using MRI to study blood flow through the placenta discovered a new type of contraction during pregnancy. The authors described the characteristics of the aptly named "utero-placental pump" in a study published on May 28 in PLOS Biology.  Discuss