MRI radiomics can predict risk of breast cancer recurrence
March 15, 2021 -- Radiomics features on dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI exams can enable noninvasive predictions of the risk of breast cancer recurrence, according to research from Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Read More
MRI-first prostate screening could reduce death rates
March 11, 2021 -- Performing MRI scans before biopsy on men with high prostate-specific antigen scores could reduce prostate cancer death rates by as much as 18% versus no screening, while also reducing the harms of screening, according to a March 11 study in JAMA Network Open. Read More
MRI study looks for signs of Alzheimer's disease
March 8, 2021 -- Brain MRI scans showed no significant differences in Alzheimer's disease biomarkers among patients on intensive blood pressure therapy compared with patients on standard therapy in a study published online March 8 in JAMA Neurology. Read More
Heart disease rare in pro athletes after COVID-19
March 5, 2021 -- Inflammatory heart disease is rare among professional athletes with prior COVID-19 infection who received systematic return-to-play cardiac screening with imaging and other tests, according to a study published online March 4 in JAMA Cardiology. Read More
Better access to imaging would save lives, Lancet report says
March 5, 2021 -- Better access to medical imaging in low- and middle-income countries would save almost 2.5 million lives lost to cancer, according to a new report presented at ECR by the Lancet Oncology Commission on Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. Read More
Cardiac complications are common in COVID-19 cases
March 3, 2021 -- Patients with COVID-19 are frequently experiencing cardiac complications, including myocarditis, acute coronary syndrome, and thromboembolic events, according to a new study of several cases that was published February 24 in Insights into Imaging. Read More
Philips and Disney develop videos for kids getting MRI scans
March 3, 2021 -- Philips Healthcare is debuting a partnership with the Walt Disney Company at this week's ECR meeting in which the animation giant has developed bespoke children's cartoons to entertain kids being scanned in MRI suites outfitted with Philips' Ambient Experience concept. Read More
AI, 4D info aids breast lesion characterization on DCE-MRI
February 26, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that utilize 4D information from dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) can be highly accurate for classifying breast lesions, according to research published February 24 in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. Read More
Use of cardio CT, MRI increases, but remains fraction of heart imaging
February 26, 2021 -- The use of cardiovascular CT and MRI has been increasing -- as has the number of radiologists providing these exams -- even though they still make up a fraction of the number of annual cardiac exams performed, according to a new study. Read More
COVID-19 vaccine affects imaging results, researchers warn
February 25, 2021 -- Researchers are warning that the COVID-19 vaccine can manifest on imaging in ways that appear to be disease, according to two studies published February 24 in the American Journal of Roentgenology and Radiology. Read More