Study notes fall in mammography volume during COVID-19
October 5, 2022 -- Mammography volume fell and a higher proportion of women presented with palpable masses during the COVID-19 pandemic at a Canadian breast center, according to a study published October 3 in the American Journal of Surgery. Read More
New MRI contrast agent tops product news in September
October 4, 2022 -- The arrival of a new MRI contrast agent that's designed to enable radiology facilities to perform scans with less gadolinium was the top product news article on in September 2022. Read More
Is screening breast MRI needed for women with high-risk lesions?
September 30, 2022 -- A new study suggests that breast MRI may not be useful in screening women with certain types of high-risk breast lesions. The authors recommend using mammography instead, in a September 28 study in Annals of Surgical Oncology. Read More
Higher neuro reading volume leads to more diagnostic errors
September 30, 2022 -- It's not surprising that neuroradiology work shifts with a high volume of studies to interpret lead to more diagnostic errors, according to a study published September 27 in Academic Radiology has found. Read More
CT contrast crisis prompts call for more use of MRI and ultrasound
September 23, 2022 -- When it comes to head and neck imaging, MRI and ultrasound offer sound alternatives to CT with iodinated contrast, and use of the modalities could mitigate crises such as contrast shortages, according to a commentary published September 20 in the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology. Read More
Low-field MRI can track persistent COVID-19 lung damage in children
September 21, 2022 -- Low-field MRI offers a radiation-free alternative to CT for tracking persistent lung damage in children who have recovered from COVID-19 or have long-haul disease, German researchers have found. Their results were published September 19 in Radiology. Read More
Bracco prepares launch of its version of gadopiclenol MRI contrast
September 21, 2022 -- Contrast agent developer Bracco is preparing for a commercial launch of its version of gadopiclenol, the new MRI gadolinium-based contrast agent that has received approval in the U.S. Bracco will sell the agent as Vueway. Read More
Guerbet gets FDA approval for Elucirem lower-dose MRI contrast
September 21, 2022 -- Contrast agent developer Guerbet has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Elucirem (gadopiclenol), a new MRI contrast agent the company is developing in collaboration with Bracco. Read More
Brain MRI shows that boxers regain brain health postcareer
September 14, 2022 -- Brain MRI exams show that boxers and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are able to regain thinking and memory skills after they stop competing, a team of researchers has found. The group's findings were published September 14 in Neurology. Read More
Imaging shows how HIV scores 'direct hit' to heart muscle
September 13, 2022 -- HIV may affect the heart not only via the development of coronary artery disease (CAD) but also by a "direct hit to the heart muscle," a team of U.K. researchers has found. The results were published September 13 in JAMA. Read More