Liquid biopsy enhances MRI studies of breast cancer patients
April 12, 2021 -- Adding a liquid biopsy to MRI may improve the ability to gauge breast cancer treatment response, according to research presented April 10 at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting. Read More
5-minute knee MRI? It's possible
April 8, 2021 -- Investigators found that a five-minute MRI protocol for imaging painful knee conditions worked just as well as a 10-minute segment in a study published April 6 in Radiology. Read More
Could cardiac MRI screen for heart disease?
April 2, 2021 -- Cardiac MRI shows promise as an effective, noninvasive way to screen for heart disease, according to a study published April 1 in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging. Read More
DTI-MRI shows effects of anesthesia on brain's white matter
March 31, 2021 -- Anesthesia can have negative effects on cognitive function in patients who receive it. In a new study, researchers used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)-MRI to shed some light on why, according to a study published March 26 in Plos One. Read More
Can MRI help detect early periodontitis?
March 30, 2021 -- MRI may aid in the early detection of gum disease by showing periodontitis-linked changes in the jawbones of patients prior to bone defects occurring, according to a study published March 21 in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. Read More
Fetal cardiovascular MRI helps diagnose congenital heart defects
March 29, 2021 -- Fetal cardiovascular MRI provides clinically useful information about congenital heart defects when echocardiography results are inconclusive, changing treatment/management plans in more than 80% of cases, according to a March 29 study in JAMA Network Open. Read More
MRI technique helps visualize effects of blood-brain barrier leaks
March 24, 2021 -- A diffusion-weighted MRI technique may help clinicians predict the course of cerebral small-vessel disease by tracking changes in the blood-brain barrier, according to a study published March 24 in Neurology. Read More
How to combat false negatives on breast MRI
March 23, 2021 -- Breast MRI may be the most sensitive imaging modality available for detecting breast cancer, but it has its pitfalls: namely, a unique set of perceptual and cognitive errors that result in false negatives, according to an article published online March 19 in RadioGraphics. Read More
Incidental findings common but rarely serious on pediatric brain MRI
March 22, 2021 -- Incidental findings may be found on up to 21% of pediatric brain MRI exams, but most aren't dangerous, according to a study published March 22 in JAMA Neurology. Read More
MRI helps identify facial mass caused by dermal filler
March 22, 2021 -- Imaging recently proved helpful in treating a woman with infections and a 15-mm lesion resulting from injection with a facial dermal filler. The case was described in the April-June issue of Advances in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Read More