Billing for off-campus hospital outpatient departments
July 5, 2018 -- The Medicare rules for billing services performed in off-campus hospital outpatient departments changed with the passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, with the result that ownership of imaging centers by hospitals is becoming less attractive than it once was. Sandy Coffta of Healthcare Administrative Partners reviews the changes.  Discuss
Neurorads receive highest industry payments
June 29, 2018 -- Like other medical specialists, radiologists receive payments from pharmaceutical and technology firms for things like consulting, travel expenses, or royalties. But the distribution varies across subspecialties, with neuroradiologists receiving the highest mean payments, according to a study published online June 26 in Academic Radiology.  Discuss
State court lets Kwiatkowski case move ahead
June 21, 2018 -- A Pennsylvania state court has allowed a lawsuit to move ahead against the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, charging that the facility should have done more to prevent radiologic technologist David Kwiatkowski from infecting patients with hepatitis C as he diverted fentanyl for his own use.  Discuss
Beverly Hills radiologist gets 10 years in fraud case
June 19, 2018 -- A radiologist from Beverly Hills, CA, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted of 39 felony fraud counts related to charges that he paid referring physicians for imaging services such as MRI and ultrasound scans.  Discuss
Radiology research diversity could use improvement
June 18, 2018 -- Incentives are needed to promote greater diversity and the inclusion of women among radiologist researchers, according to a study published online June 13 in Academic Radiology.  Discuss
MedPAC proposes imaging payment cuts in June report
June 15, 2018 -- The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) has proposed reimbursement cuts to specialties -- including radiology -- of almost 4%, while increasing payments for services such as clinician and hospital outpatient visits by 10%.  Discuss
Breast pain tends to prompt imaging overuse
June 7, 2018 -- Breast pain is common in women, but although it is not necessarily a sign of cancer, it continues to be a source of imaging referral, according to a study published online May 24 in the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
Will Medicare quality metrics hurt general radiologists?
June 6, 2018 -- Do Medicare quality metrics accurately capture the performance of radiologists? Perhaps not, and this could be a problem not only for general radiologists but also for patients, according to a study in the June issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  Discuss