Don't underestimate financial cost of exam no-shows
September 13, 2018 -- Missed imaging appointments are costly for radiology departments, affecting not only a department's bottom line but also patient care, according to a study published in the September issue of Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology.  Discuss
Prostate MRI coverage varies greatly -- with many caveats
September 13, 2018 -- Insurance coverage for prostate MRI scans varies widely among private payors, requires certain conditions for reimbursement of major conditions, and does not reflect current clinical practice. Those harsh conclusions are contained in a new study published online September 11 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  Discuss
Physician burnout puts patients at risk
September 5, 2018 -- Physician burnout not only affects physicians but also may put patients at risk, according to a meta-analysis published online on September 4 in JAMA Internal Medicine. U.K. researchers found that patients treated by exhausted physicians were twice as likely to experience safety incidents.  Discuss
Second image interpretations change patient management
September 5, 2018 -- Sometimes it pays to take a second look. A study in the September issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology found that secondary image interpretations changed patient management almost 20% of the time -- and tended to be more accurate.  Discuss
Success of proton therapy may depend on who pays for it
August 30, 2018 -- The financial success of a proton therapy facility may depend on who pays for the treatment delivered -- specifically, whether it's private payors whose patients require less than 30 minutes of treatment time, according to a study published online August 26 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  Discuss
HHS audit finds hospitals overbill for IMRT planning
August 22, 2018 -- The Medicare system overpaid U.S. hospitals by nearly $26 million for intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) planning services, according to an audit released by the Office of Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  Discuss
Veterans get inappropriate prostate imaging outside VA
August 17, 2018 -- Veterans who seek care for low-risk prostate cancer receive more imaging that doesn't comply with established guidelines when they go outside of the Veterans Affairs (VA) system to Medicare sources, according to a study published online August 17 in JAMA Network Open.  Discuss
Is your practice at risk of a malpractice claim?
August 16, 2018 -- Medical malpractice claims that allege radiological errors are common: In fact, radiology is No. 2 on a list of medical specialties most likely to be sued, according to a report released on August 14 by medical liability insurer Coverys. Fortunately, there are several simple ways your practice can protect itself.  Discuss
8 ways to combat radiologist burnout
August 7, 2018 -- Burnout rates among radiologists have climbed rapidly in recent years, posing a threat to patient care. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies radiologists and radiology practices can take to prevent or treat this dangerous condition, according to a report published online August 1 in Academic Radiology.  Discuss
New MICI numbers tread water for 3rd quarter of 2018
August 6, 2018 -- Radiology administrators don't expect any major changes on the horizon when it comes to their business prospects, according to the latest numbers from the Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI). However, there was a decline in confidence that healthcare facilities would have access to capital.  Discuss