Can virtual consults mitigate reading room 'chaos'?
February 2, 2023 -- Referring providers prefer virtual radiology consults to phone calls -- and this type of consultation may help curb reading room "chaos" caused by phone interruptions, according to a study published January 25 in the Journal of Digital Imaging. Read More
Are hospitals disclosing prostate cancer service costs?
February 2, 2023 -- Hospitals aren't necessarily disclosing prostate cancer service costs, despite a 2021 mandate issued by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a January 30 study published in Prostate Cancer Prostatic Disease has found. Read More
Radiation exposure among radiology staff lower than recommended limits
February 1, 2023 -- Occupational exposure to radiation among radiologists and radiologic technologists is about 90% below annual dosage limits, according to a report published January 31 in Radiation Physics and Chemistry. Read More
Can the field of radiobiology survive?
February 1, 2023 -- Unless it attracts new students, the profession of radiobiology in the U.S. may cease to exist as a distinct subspecialty, according to a group of U.S. experts. Read More
Does food insecurity play into breast cancer screening adherence?
January 31, 2023 -- Food security status impacts women's adherence to breast imaging guidelines, a report published January 25 in Cancer Causes Control found. Read More
Coding changes that will impact radiology practices in 2023
January 31, 2023 -- In a new column, Erin Stephens of Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) reviews the new and revised CPT codes that will impact radiology practices in 2023. Read More
Is ChapGPT a double-edged sword?
January 27, 2023 -- The ChatGPT chatbot may have both good and bad consequences in radiology, with potential for improving the interpretability of computer-aided detection software but also for fabrication of scientific work, doctors in New York City suggest. Read More
First-year residents are positive about virtual interview process
January 27, 2023 -- Most radiology residents see the virtual residency interview and matching processes in a neutral or positive light, according to survey results published January 21 in Academic Radiology. Read More
Radiology trainees welcome more involvement with AI
January 24, 2023 -- Many radiology trainees in the U.K. are interested in working on projects, activities, and teaching related to artificial intelligence (AI), according to survey results published January 19 in Clinical Radiology. Read More
Many women uncertain of breast density's role in cancer risk
January 23, 2023 -- Despite widespread use of breast density notifications, many women are uncertain about or overstate the role of breast density in cancer risk, according to survey results published January 23 in JAMA Network Open. Read More