HIMSS: Multimedia reports are ready for prime time
February 13, 2019 -- ORLANDO, FL - Interactive multimedia radiology reports -- with additional help from artificial intelligence -- can improve reporting clarity and save time for clinicians and fellow radiologists, according to presentations on Tuesday at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual meeting.  Discuss
Live from HIMSS 2019: Multimedia radiology reports
February 13, 2019 -- ORLANDO, FL - Is radiology ready for multimedia reports? Dr. Cree Gaskin from the University of Virginia Health System discusses the capabilities of multimedia radiology reports and their possible benefits to patient care in this live video from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference.  Discuss
The value of the CIIP: Part 1 -- Data integrity
February 11, 2019 -- If utilized correctly, certified imaging informatics professionals (CIIPs) can be tremendously valuable to imaging practices. In the first of a new series of articles, CIIP Luke Bideaux shows how a CIIP's skills in ensuring data integrity can avoid major expenses and headaches for organizations.  Discuss
Medicare's AUC/CDS mandate will begin next year
January 30, 2019 -- Starting January 1, 2020, your referring physicians will be required to use appropriate use criteria (AUC) and clinical decision support (CDS) when ordering imaging exams for Medicare patients. And if they don't, guess who doesn't get paid for the images you read? You. Sandy Coffta of Healthcare Administrative Partners explains.  Discuss
The true cost of downtime in radiology
January 18, 2019 -- Nobody likes downtime in radiology. But in addition to causing annoyance and disruption, system outages can cost the average hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, according to Kyle Henson. That means it's more important than ever to perform proactive monitoring to ensure your system doesn't go down in the first place.  Discuss
The renaissance of PACS -- and why it didn't deconstruct
January 17, 2019 -- Five years ago saw the birth of "deconstructed PACS" -- the idea that hospitals and imaging centers could acquire digital imaging components in a best-of-breed fashion, rather than purchasing an entire PACS network from a single vendor. Simon Häger of Sectra takes a look a deconstructed PACS and its role in radiology.  Discuss