The PACSMan Pontificates: RSNA 2022 -- Should I stay or should I go?
November 27, 2022 -- Imaging industry consultant Michael J. Cannavo, aka the PACSman, is attending RSNA 2022 virtually this year. He shares his thoughts on the pros and cons of virtual versus in-person attendance. Read More
One-fourth of disadvantaged patients don't undergo follow-up imaging
October 27, 2022 -- A quarter of socioeconomically disadvantaged patients don't receive the follow-up imaging recommended for them, a study published October 26 in the American Journal of Roentgenology has found. Read More
Outpatient imaging, teleradiology shape U.S. radiology market
October 19, 2022 -- Amy Thompson and Arun Gill of Signify Research delve into the market dynamics driving growth in the utilization of outpatient imaging and teleradiology services in the U.S. market. Read More
Google Cloud unveils Medical Imaging Suite platform
October 4, 2022 -- Google Cloud has launched Medical Imaging Suite, a platform designed to facilitate interoperability between medical imaging facilities and foster the development of artificial intelligence algorithms. Read More
The PACSman Pontificates: Ch-ch-ch-ch changes
October 3, 2022 -- When thinking about replacing a PACS or enterprise imaging system, oftentimes the existing vendor is never seriously considered. But maybe they should be, according to the PACSman, Michael J. Cannavo. Read More
Changing CT order entry process helps cut contrast media use
August 5, 2022 -- Modifying the imaging order entry process in an electronic health record can significantly reduce the number of CT exams that require iodinated contrast agents, according to research published on August 3 in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
How can radiologists ensure report recommendations are acted on?
July 25, 2022 -- Recommendations in radiology reports for further imaging follow-up are not always acted on, and systemic improvements are needed to ensure these cases don't slip through the cracks, according to research published July 22 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
Can Netflix-style recommendations improve radiology scheduling?
July 22, 2022 -- New York City researchers found that giving patients recommendations for when to schedule their outpatient imaging -- similar to how Netflix recommends what to watch next -- resulted in more appointments booked successfully via mobile app. Read More
How to get new imaging leaders up to speed on IT
July 12, 2022 -- Imaging leaders don't need to be imaging informatics experts, but they do need to gain a basic understanding of IT to succeed in today's world of radiology, according to a presentation Tuesday at the AHRA 2022 meeting in Phoenix. Read More
Can Star Trek-like technology improve patient access to imaging?
July 1, 2022 -- Functioning like the legendary “tricorder” on Star Trek, a smartphone could enable patients to more intuitively access their imaging studies, according to a presentation at the annual Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) meeting. Read More
Special Feature
The 2021 PACSman Awards: The Jack in the Box show
The 2021 PACSman Awards: The Jack in the Box show

Although RSNA 2021 was a lot different than in years past, in some ways it was the best RSNA ever, according to imaging consultant Michael J. Cannavo. In this column, Cannavo shares his observations and doles out his annual PACSman Awards. Learn more