ECR 2023: The cycle of life -- imaging industry roundup
March 15, 2023 -- Key industry trends at ECR 2023 included sustainability, connected systems, and smarter workflows, according to a new column by Bhvita Jani, a research manager at Signify Research. Read More
The PACSman Pontificates: Burned out on burnout
February 28, 2023 -- Burnout has been an increasingly prevalent topic of discussion in the radiology community. In a new column, The PACSman -- Michael J. Cannavo -- shares his thoughts on burnout and what can be done about it. Read More
Unilabs embroiled in Romanian teleradiology scandal
February 23, 2023 -- Norwegian broadcasting company NRK has reported that healthcare diagnostics provider Unilabs sent over 170,000 imaging exams from Norwegian patients to a Romanian clinic for interpretation since 2016 -- without health authorities' knowledge. Read More
8 ways to reduce musculoskeletal pain from the radiology workstation
January 5, 2023 -- More than 75% of radiologists report that they experience musculoskeletal discomfort from using workstations, but there are at least eight ways to mitigate the problem, according to a survey published December 29 in Academic Radiology. Read More
Video from RSNA 2022: LG product news
December 20, 2022 -- In a video interview at RSNA 2022, Director of Content Strategy Stephen Wellman spoke with Jim Salamon, senior account director at LG Electronics USA to learn about the company's new displays and prototype digital x-ray detector. Read More
RSNA 2022: Predictions vs. reality
December 14, 2022 -- Much has already been written about attendance at RSNA, but from a firsthand perspective, RSNA 2022 could be regarded as a step back toward "normal." Among mostly bustling halls, vendors reported very positive feedback on the volume and quality of customer meetings, with one prominent global imaging vendor citing "We're signing deals here at the show again -- things are looking up." Read More
The 2022 PACSman Awards: The RSNA and WWII
December 1, 2022 -- Imaging industry consultant Michael J. Cannavo, aka the PACSman, may not have made it to Chicago this year for RSNA 2022. Fortunately, he was still able to produce his popular PACSman awards for the meeting. Read More
Philips emphasizes AI, workflow at RSNA 2022
December 1, 2022 -- CHICAGO - With an eye on helping radiologists to become more efficient, collaborate, and avoid burnout, Philips focused on its new artificial intelligence (AI) and imaging informatics offerings at RSNA 2022. Read More
GE leans into improving patient outcomes, healthcare efficiency
November 29, 2022 -- CHICAGO - At this year's RSNA meeting, GE Healthcare is focusing on two goals: improving patient outcomes and boosting the efficiency of the healthcare enterprise. Promotion of these themes comes just weeks before GE is set to spin off its healthcare division into a standalone firm to be called GE HealthCare, which it plans to do in January. Read More
Take a road trip to discover true state of radiology, Halliday urges
November 28, 2022 -- Hop on a bus or jump on the train if you really want to find out what's happening in imaging departments, Dr. Kath Halliday, president of the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), told RSNA 2022 attendees at a special session held in Chicago on Monday. Read More
Special Feature
The 2021 PACSman Awards: The Jack in the Box show
The 2021 PACSman Awards: The Jack in the Box show

Although RSNA 2021 was a lot different than in years past, in some ways it was the best RSNA ever, according to imaging consultant Michael J. Cannavo. In this column, Cannavo shares his observations and doles out his annual PACSman Awards. Learn more