National funds needed to update imaging equipment in Canada
May 26, 2022 -- Canada's inadequate and outdated inventory of medical imaging equipment requires that some scanners be retired to make way for new technology, which will require a massive injection of funds from the national government. Read More
Diversify, divide to conquer the CT contrast shortage crisis
May 25, 2022 -- In the midst of the CT contrast shortage crisis, radiologists continue to offer their peers tips on how to cope, from diversifying suppliers to dividing contrast doses, say researchers from Texas in a report published May 25 in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging. Read More
AI aids CT lung screening by assessing suspicious lung nodules
May 24, 2022 -- Radiologists can improve their assessment of indeterminate lung nodules on CT exams with help from artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer-aided diagnosis software, according to research published online May 24 in Radiology. Read More
Biomarker data improves CT lung cancer screening's bottom line
May 24, 2022 -- The cost-effectiveness of low-dose CT for lung cancer screening is improved by adding a plasma-based biomarker into the clinical evaluation, according to a study published May 24 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
Deep learning helps assess emphysema progression
May 24, 2022 -- A deep-learning algorithm helps clinicians assess the progression of emphysema in cigarette smokers at five-year follow-up after baseline CT, according to a study published May 17 in Radiology. Read More
Black Americans in rural areas more likely to die of cancer
May 20, 2022 -- Black Americans living in rural settings are more vulnerable to dying of lung, prostate, breast, and colorectal cancer than their non-Black peers, even when sociodemographics and tumor characteristics are taken into account, according to a study published May 19 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
CT contrast shortage is rippling throughout radiology
May 19, 2022 -- The current shortage in the U.S. of iodinated CT contrast is prompting radiology departments to make dramatic changes in imaging protocols and patient triage from the short- to long-term, according to a special report published May 19 in Radiology. Read More
Follow-up delays are common in people at high risk of lung cancer
May 17, 2022 -- Almost half of patients -- 47% -- flagged as being at high risk of lung cancer after CT lung screening experience delays in follow-up care, according to research presented May 17 at the American Thoracic Society meeting in San Francisco. Read More
Contrast agent pooling on CT suggests imminent cardiac arrest
May 16, 2022 -- Contrast agent pooling on CT -- known as the CAP sign -- suggests patients are in danger of imminent cardiac arrest, according to a study published May 6 in BMC Emergency Medicine. Read More
How can radiology best cope with the contrast shortage?
May 13, 2022 -- How can radiology best cope with interruptions in the supply of iodinated contrast? Imaging facilities are scrambling to conserve contrast until supplies get back to normal, and a variety of sources are offering advice on how to conserve a material that up to now may have been taken for granted. Read More