Dental surgeons offer imaging tips for patients wearing masks
September 22, 2021 -- Is it possible to acquire extraoral images of patients while they are still wearing masks for protection against COVID-19? It's possible, if you take a few steps to counter artifacts that might develop, according to a letter published online September 19 in Academic Radiology. Read More
Do CT lung cancer screening rules promote healthcare disparities?
September 21, 2021 -- Does the current guidance from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) on CT lung cancer screening perpetuate healthcare disparities for minority groups? It appears so, according to a study published September 21 in Radiology. Read More
New studies show how CT reveals 'silent' atherosclerosis
September 20, 2021 -- Atherosclerosis progresses undetected and is known as the silent killer. But cardiac CT can identify early signs of the disease in healthy people -- an important new finding for developing strategies to prevent it, according to studies published September 20 in the journals Circulation and Heart. Read More
Dedicated CT lung cancer screening programs get the job done
September 17, 2021 -- A centralized lung cancer screening approach -- that is, a dedicated program to which patients are referred by primary care providers -- is more effective than sending people to a general radiology department, according to a study published September 15 in Chest. Read More
Can radiomics and AI characterize renal masses on preop CT?
September 17, 2021 -- The combination of radiomics and a machine-learning algorithm can differentiate benign from malignant renal masses, potentially helping to avoid unnecessary surgeries, according to research published online September 17 in European Urology Focus. Read More
Chest CT score predicts ventilation failure in COVID-19 patients
September 15, 2021 -- Scores of disease severity based on CT scans can help predict how COVID-19 patients will respond to noninvasive ventilation administered through an oxygen mask rather than through intubation, according to a study published September 11 in the Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia. Read More
CT lung screening reduces lung cancer mortality 16% in U.K. study
September 14, 2021 -- Performing CT lung cancer screening of current and former smokers reduced lung cancer mortality by as much as 16%, a number in line with other studies, according to research published on September 11 in the Lancet Regional Health -- Europe. Read More
Use AI with CT to better assess stroke patients' collateral flow
September 13, 2021 -- Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can be used with CT perfusion imaging to assess stroke patients' collateral flow, according to a study published September 8 in World Neurosurgery. Read More
Lung abnormalities persist in 91% of COVID-19 patients
September 10, 2021 -- More than 90% of patients who developed COVID-19 showed lung parenchymal abnormalities on chest CT and x-ray three months after recovery in a study published in the September issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases. Read More
CT helps identify CSF leak caused by COVID-19 nasal swab
September 9, 2021 -- CT scans helped identify a leak of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that occurred in a man who sustained an injury to the base of his skull following a COVID-19 test with a nasal swab, according to a September 9 case study in JAMA Otolaryngology -- Head & Neck Surgery. Read More
Special Feature
Radiologists list top 5 CT features for novel coronavirus
Radiologists list top 5 CT features for novel coronavirus

What should radiologists look for in cases suspicious for the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)? Researchers from the U.S. and China discussed the quintessential CT features of the virus that can aid in its early detection and diagnosis in a special report in Radiology. Learn more